With the uptick in cybercrime in recent years, it is critical that we don’t lose sight of the simplest precaution we must take to protect ourselves – using strong passwords. We might think it’ll never happen to us, but the latest security breach at LinkedIn is a reminder that a strong password is our last line of defense when it comes to protecting our personal information from hackers.


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Credit Card PhishingFor over 4 years now, I’ve operated a popular message board about credit cards.

But during that entire time, I’ve never seen more complaints posted about credit card phishing scams than I have during the past year. Criminals are getting more crafty (and more bold) in how they attempt to steal your credit card information. What follows are five of the most common scams I hear about and how you can protect yourself against them.

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SLOW-PCfighter 2 logo

We recently released the new version of our registry cleaner SLOW-PCfighter with a discounted launch for some of our existing customers. We’re proud to say it went beyond our imagination.

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320px-Junction_5_svgFor some years we have been covering IT security news and have been writing about spam, spyware, hacking and many other online nuisances. Usually in January we try to look ahead on what might dominate IT security the upcoming year. At the same time we look back at the recently passed year and the stories that grabbed the most traffic to our site. It is normally a good way to see what has concerned Internet users most.

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Unfortunately, spam is still a terrible nuisance. When your exchange spam filter is not working, you realize how much so. If you’re in the admin chair, you’re not only bombarded with the unwanted e-mails in your own inbox when the exchange spam filter is not working, but you’re also bombarded with the frustration of the users you serve.

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