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This month we have compiled a list of AV and spam news from our News feed. Some are on the list due to the traffic to these stories. Other we just find interesting and worth commenting. It’s been quite a …

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Although there are number of technique to repair a slow computer, users can simply reformat their system to fix the issue.

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Virus software is essential for a PC but sometimes loading numerous of them causes the problem of slow PC. Users have reported that the use of virus software causes slow performance in Windows. Perhaps it’s ironic that the software which …

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A computer which displays a 1706 Error can be fixed via reinstalling or upgrading Windows Installer, reinstalling or upgrading software in use, applying registry cleaners and deleting temporary files. A most frustrating thing to happen to a PC owner is …

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Your hard disk is the storage device that holds the entire Windows operating system and all of your important files and data.

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