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Chatting with a Topless Spam Chat Bot

Now that we got your attention, we would like to say a word or two about spam chat bots. What is a chat bot exactly? It is an advanced piece of software with the ability to converse almost like humans can. “Chat bot” is a nifty and clever abbreviation of “chat roBOT”.

topless robot

topless robot

You might have come across them on websites where they have chosen to support their visitors inexpensively using chat bots. There is also a more annoying version of a chat bot that attempts to contact you using Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger or whatever messaging system you use. Messenger spam cannot be blocked by SPAMfighter — you have to rely on the spam filtering already present in your chat client. A spam chat bot is not the same as a spam bot, which collects e-mail addresses from websites (e-mail spam bots) or posts weird comments in blogs or forums (blog spamming or forum spam bots). 

We decided to test some of these chat spam bots. Here is one from the lovely Jenny Irvin, who seemed very interested in chatting with us. Pretty soon the conversation got a bit risque — but we’re sure you can handle it. Here is a snippet from the conversation:


MSN chat

MSN chat

We got disappointed quickly though. The spam chat bots could not expand on any of the words we put out there — such as “pictures”, “Facebook”, “e-mail” and so on. We even tried replicating the same words like “topless”,  but still no reaction.

Good advice

Based on the quality of these chat bots not many people would be tricked here, but here is some good advice just in case:

  • Never click on links sent by spam chatbots. Most likely they will lead to sites infected by malware and/or they will try to get to your personal information — such as your credit card number. 
  • Check the settings in your chat client. Most chat clients have settings that won’t allow strangers to start a chat sesssion. It’s worth considering enabling this feature if you feel too many spam chat bots are bothering you.
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  1. Nikolaj Bomann says:

    Woow, based on what i can read in this chat message from Messenger, it must be some advanced chat bots. Way to go, but scary.

  2. Nathalie says:

    I think that it is a creepy picture.. Wooooaaaaah – i would not chat with THAT thing:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks veгу niсe blog!

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