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SPAMfighter vs. Mailwasher and Cloudmark

If you’re interested in which is the best spam filter you have come to the right place. We won’t praise our own product but instead refer to TopTenReviews who has done a very thorough test of the top 10 spam filters on the market.

We’re proud that we are ranking #1 among such great competitors. What we are most proud of is the perfect score that was given: 10/10.

Top Ten Reviews

To read more about the test and all the different possibilities click here. If you want to go directly to and download the best spam filter on the market go to SPAMfighter’s main page.

SPAMfighter versus our competitors Mailwasher and Cloudmark is a close race but with over 10 years in the anti spam filtering business we’re lucky to still be on top and with many many happy users all around the world.

spam filter comparison

We’d like to thank every last one of our users through the years!

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  1. Maurizio says:

    Spamfighter is a good product, the other 2 i have not tried, for a few months use SPAMfighter is making us save a lot of time to get clean mail.

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