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Tell us what you think of SPAMfighter Products

At SPAMfighter we take our product development seriously. We strive to make the best software available to meet, you, our customer’s, needs.

However, in order to do that well, we need to hear from you. relevant domains . Please tell us your experiences and thoughts in the comments, to let us know how we are doing, and how we can do better.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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About Justin Bellinger

Justin is an experienced software professional, having worked in software and software security for nearly 20 years. Justin is VP of Security Products at SPAMfighter.
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  1. R Sanderson says:

    my wife uses incredimail for emails from spain. will spamfighter work on this software please

  2. joan shutts says:

    Please send information regarding verification key # to activate SLOWPCfighter as purchased during past week. Also need to be advised how to receive credit for overcharge by your company

  3. kian says:

    Shame that the SPAMfighter doesNOT work on incredimail which is a very nice email client.

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  5. Hello,

    I am sorry you are experiencing trouble. Can you please report the matter to , so that one of our sales team can deal with the matter.

    Kind Regards,

    VP Security Products
    SPAMfighter ApS

  6. Hello, and thanks for your comment.

    I regret to inform you that we do not support Incredimail with our anti-spam product at this time.

    Kind Regards,

    VP Security Products
    SPAMfighter ApS

  7. I am sorry we do not support that email client at this time. I will update this comment if development tell me that that position evolves.

    Kind Regards,

    VP Security Products
    SPAMfighter ApS

  8. Martin Hindle says:

    You appear to have short-changed me by about one month with the next renewal date. please rectify this ASAP.

  9. Andy Quick says:

    Do you have plans to get Spamfighter to work in Incredimail?

  10. Hello Martin,

    I’ve forwarded your comment to our sales folks for resolution. It would always be quicker to go direct via, rather than as a comment on the blog.



  11. @ Bill Mallion,

    Hi Bill,

    I regret I cannot help you with spamjab, as it is a competitor product, and not from SPAMfighter. I can only suggest you either stop using spamjab and use our product (available paid or free), or contact spamjab’s support to sort out the issues.

    If you are using both products, and feel we may be in error also, please contact our support folks at with as much detail as possible, and they’ll be happy to try and get you up and running.

    Kind Regards,


    Justin Bellinger
    VP Security Products
    SPAMfighter ApS

  12. michele ohrablo says:

    i have tried your product for 30 did not live up to its claim.
    now i just have ONE MORE POP UP to deal with.i do not want to buy your product and i would like to get rid of your silly pop up.
    while usuing your product,i thought if i requested certain mails to be blocked that it would. SUPRISE! IT WASN’T .please STOP YOUR POP UP ASKING ME TO PRUCHASE YOUR PRODUCT.
    MICHELE, unhappy consumer

  13. david dunakey says:

    5/3/10 I bought Spamfighter, and paid for the download and a the copy to burn on a CD – but I had to put in how I wanted it mailed and pay for mailing – I didn’t want it mailed.
    then when I got it installed, nothing – and still nothing, it shows it is running (infact I see no way to turn it off!) and it hasn’t filtered even one piect of spam. – very unhapy and want my money back. d

  14. @Michele Ohrablo

    Dear Michele,

    Please be so kind and contact our support folks – from my understanding, if you want to stop the pop-up you can either: a) license the program or b) uninstall it, if you no longer wish to use it; either of these things will stop the pop-up from showing in the first place.
    Further help available from

    Best Regards,


  15. @David Dunakey

    Dear David,

    Please contact our sales team at, and they will be happy to look further into the matter.

    Kind Regards,


    Justin Bellinger
    VP Products
    SPAMfighter ApS.

  16. Charlene Barnard says:

    I too use incredimail to receive my email. Would be interested in your response to R. Sanderson posted March 10, 2010.

  17. Don Ives says:

    Every time I run the program ,it shows about the same number of errors. When I checked on the individual errors,they all say that there is no data in the folders.With 235 errors and each representing a file, it would be nice to have a delete option for each error or file.This would make me feel that your program was really fixing the errors and would then identify only the new errors and show me that your program was really identifying and fixing the errors as they appear.

    Don Ives

  18. @ Charlene Barnard

    Dear Charlene,

    I regret we cannot support Incredimail at this time. We have request API access from the folks at Incredimail, but I have yet to receive a response; we’d love to support the product, but cannot do so without further help from the developer.

    Kind Regards,


  19. Les Henderson says:


    I have a paid version of Spamfighter and am happy with it. Just a few queries.

    I was wondering if there is a way to migrate your personal profile of blocked spam addresses to a new computer after a fresh install – a file somewhere on the system with that information stored in it.

    Did I take it from your description of the product that all blocked spam email sender addresses go into some central database and that this database is used automatically in the filtering process? Can this database be used to put pressure on Governments to pursue known spammers?

    Just on an interface issue – could there be a separate button for Block Domain? It would save time when putting a long list of emails on the Block list, rather than going through More > Block Domain and then back to Block.


  20. Ann Brown says:

    Hi Spamfighter
    I think this free programme is wonderful but I did delete it some time ago mainly because Spamfighter sent adverts about their programme to everyone in my address book. I did not give them permission to do this. I hope this doesn’t happen a secondtime.

  21. patrick says:

    Hi Ann…

    Try to contact our support department, i’m sure that they can help you…

  22. janet olma says:

    Dear Sir
    I purchased SLOW-PCfighter,2years, on the 1st June.
    I must say that my computer is no faster now, than it was before I purchased it.When I am in the middle of working the SLOW-PC window comes up and unless I stop the scan it takes a few minutes before I get my original screen back and I set the scan to come on each morning at 7 oclock.
    Also it does not repair every error and keeps telling me I need to purchase the full programme and I thought that was what I had already got.
    Please advise.

  23. Hi Janet…

    Sounds like you have some issues with your license please contact our support… Follow this link:

    I’m sure that they can help you

    Have a nice day

    Patrick T. Rasmussen

  24. MarioG says:

    Spamfighter doesn’t seem to work with yahoo mail. Bummer!

  25. Kim Falkner says:

    Sorry MarioG – you will need an email client like Outlook, Windows Mail or the free thunderbird. Setting those up will let you use SPAMfighter.

  26. Al Gordon says:

    I use Outlook 2010. I keep getting irritating pop-ups in my Inbox offering me various other products. How do I stop this happening?

  27. James Andrews says:

    Spam fighter did not block the domains I was seeking to remove. The percentage of removal was much less than I expected. It does not remove sites like home Depot, Direct TV, Amazon and many many ads from internet based companies with lots of IT resources. The most disappointing issue was after I removed Spamfighter I cannot get the popups to buy it or get the 2 icons off my email page.

  28. Kim Falkner says:

    Hi James

    Could you contact our support?

    I suspect something might not work correctly. They would happily have a look at those mails you mention and check why they are not blocked.

  29. CJ Presley says:

    Can you please tell me why it’s such a big secret on how to get rid of your irritating Pop-Up to quit popping up on my computer. I guarantee I never invited your webpage to end up on my computer as I am the sole user. People should seek out your services, not your services to become one of the most irritating things to have to deal with when I turn on my computer. Every time I turn on my computer, there you are, and I don’t want your services. Why don’t you start a trend and be the first of obnoxious sites to offer an “opt out” (leave me alone) button on your site like some companies do. I shouldn’t have to write to anyone in your company (Support@spamfighter) to get your site to get off of my computer. Your as much a SPAM SITE/ADWARE than any of the other adware/spam you tout to get rid of.

  30. Kim Falkner says:

    Hi CJ,

    It’s not a big secret and pretty straightforward. Just uninstall the software the software alerting you that you are using the free version. Enter the Control panel and Choose install/uninstall and then uninstall the software.

    Feel free to contact Support@spamfighter if you experience any problems uninstalling.

  31. Nimal says:

    I have the paid version 7.6.104. Every time I open windows mail, SF reverts to free version and ask me for the product key. I have mailed the support and here is the answer I got which doesn’t solve anything.

    Dear Nimal

    Please follow the guide below to check your account status:

    * Go to the SPAMfighter Toolbar and click “More” -> “Options”
    * In the popup to the left – click “Account”
    * The “Account Settings” will show on the right – you will see your username (which is the email that you use for your Pro subscription), and see when your Pro subscription will expire.

    I would appreciate if you can give me a solution. I am almost ready to uninstall even though my license expire in 2015

  32. Kim Falkner says:

    Hi Nimal,

    Sorry to hear about that. I have forwarded this to our head of support.

  33. Hans Otten says:

    I am a Spamfighter PRO customer, I paid for the product. It is not that great, you miss too much spam emails. Including the spam emails you send for your other products.

    Yesterday I was getting popups with advertisements for your other products. I am not interested in the other products and consider these popups to be even worse than the spam you are supposed to free me from, Please consider your business practices to be more customer friendly, you are sure to loose me as paying customer.

  34. Mie E. F. Pedersen says:

    Dear Hans. Thank you for your input. We’re sorry you found our news flash intrusive. Admittedly, we’re rather proud of our new SLOW-PCfighter 2 and want everyone of our existing users to take part in this launch. Feel free to contact me directly, if you have any questions or further comments: Best, Mie

  35. Hans Otten says:

    Spamfighter PRO is paid software. I would not expect malware behaviour of this. Showing popups with advertisements IS malware. My family is in panic because they think malware has infected the PC.

    Coming back to the PC and finding a window with advertisement is not done!

  36. Mie E. F. Pedersen says:

    Dear Hans. We are sorry our advertisement for our new SLOW-PCfighter 2 scared you and made you think of malware. Admittedly, we’re rather proud of this new update and hoped you’d try it. I accept your point of view and will make sure we send you no more e-mails or advertisements for this new software.

  37. Wendy Morrell says:

    I have just bought a new computer and installed SpamFighter Pro onto it. i use Mozilla Thunderbird and SpamFighter was working well on the previous computer, however although it says it is installed, the program does not appear on my Thunderbird site, neither in with the toolbars nor under the email inboxes etc. Why?

  38. Christina Urban Sørensen says:

    Dear Wendy, please contact our technical support and they will help you with your problem:
    Best Regards,

  39. D Maddison says:

    I’m having the same issue as Al Gordon did some time ago. Initially spamfighter was working quite well, Then suddenly, the block toolbar was greyed out with a link at the side inviting me to upgrade to the pro version. Nothing I do gets rid of this and the block tab was still greyed out. It is so frustrating. I removed the programme and left a message in the comments section. Someone emailed me with a couple of links and instructions. I followed them to the letter and low and behold, the toolbars are still greyed out now showing a different link advertising something else? Whats going on?

  40. Christina Urban Sørensen says:

    Dear D Maddison,

    Please contact our technical support department and they will help you:

    Thank you.

    Best Regards

  41. Galdang says:

    I also have serious problems with your “popup” advertisement.
    You want a spam free experience for your PAYING users and now you are using these to “promote” your products? Very bad business behavior.
    Seems you too are falling for the BIG money.

  42. Galdang says:

    sorry to see that genuine complaints are being removed.

  43. Galdang says:

    and returned, thank you

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