Happy new year everybody! Just a short notice of the first scam we are seeing in 2014 and the year starts off with a fake Google New Year promotion scam.

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Cost of spamWe have had the honor of successfully helping millions of people fight spam through the last 10 years. However an estimate from the research firm Radicati Group, still puts the number of daily spam mails sent per day to 294 billion. That’s about 2.8 million emails every second.

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optimization bundle We are happy to offer all our users a 50% discount on our suite of optimization tools. With millions of happy PC users around the world we are pleased to present the whole suite for a huge discount.

So what is included in this software bundle and what’s the benefit for you?

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chrome logo crossedA scorned girlfriend, a visit from a friend of a friend or intruders are all people you probably don’t want snooping around your personal things right?

You probably don’t want to hand them the keys to all your personal passwords? Well unfortunately most who use Google Chrome’s browser are without their knowledge giving people with bad intentions the possibility to get their hands on those passwords.

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ms exchange server and a forefront replacementtThe word on the street is that some Microsoft users are in the market for a Forefront replacement. Microsoft is not making it a secret: they are transitioning themselves from a maker of traditionally packaged software to cloud-based solutions. During the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this past July and again at TechEd, Microsoft outlined their new cloud-based strategy and focus. While it created quite a stir in their reseller channel, this change was generally well received.

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