A lot of people use registry cleaners without even knowing.registry cleaner icon
Our very own SLOW-PCfighter is a registry cleaner and over 24 million PC users have already tried it.

But most of those users have no idea (and probably don’t care) how it works. But for those of you who might want to dig a little deeper, we’ve made this little easy to read post.

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If you’re interested in which is the best spam filter you have come to the right place. We won’t praise our own product but instead refer to TopTenReviews who has done a very thorough test of the top 10 spam filters on the market.

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70 billion mailsLast week we hit a milestone at SPAMfighter. Our first software product, the SPAMfighter anti spam filter reached blocked spam messages for our community.

An easier way to digest the large number of spam mails can be shown by looking at it a little more in depth.

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We have several reports here alerting us of the most prominent spam out there. Those reports let us know of what spammers are up to and warns us if new types of spam are being created. Using the reports we can up with stories on eg. Whirl wind software spam, job spam and viagra spam for women.

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As you probably know we, SPAMfighter, got it’s headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark. SPAMfighters headquarter not located at a fancy address but it is quite cosy and we made it our own and we love it!

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