Safe Online

In this little blog post we’ve tried to cover a large section of the dark side of the internet, hopefully explained in a way everyone can understand and without painting a too dangerous picture of the World Wide Web.

If you are a security expert you will probably not learn anything useful but you’ll get some new fun facts and an easy reading. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

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We get a lot of comments from our users and thank you for that! Some aren’t that helpful but others are reals gems in providing feedback for our product development and generally understanding how our products are being used in live environments.

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fbspringSpring is here —  and it is a good excuse to spring clean your house, your drawers, and maybe even your Facebook account. Why clean up a Facebook account you say? There are a few good reasons, and we’ll tell you why.

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A worldwide password reset has been issued this Saturday due to a breach on Evernote’s security.

50.000.000 passwords have been reset and Evernote’s Operations & Security team sent out a statement explaining to users about the plan they set in motion to protect their and the users data.

In the post below issued by Evernote, they transparently explain what happened and what they experienced.

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Parental Control OnlineThe online world is increasingly pushing the limits for technology and also our boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not for our children.

There are literally millions of sites with easy access that you certainly don’t want your children to visit.

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