Valentine's DayWhat did you get your lady for Valentine’s Day? You can argue all day that it’s just an American and overly commercialized holiday, but you better believe all ladies love a little something from their men on Valentine’s Day!

But unfortunately when your love’s computer crashes, a box of chocolates isn’t going to help her.

We have a special Valentine present for all SPAMfighter readers.

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Java Security HoleJava is used on millions of machines like PC, Mac and Linux and is a programming language and platform used for a wide variety of programs, games and other applications.

Unfortunately not everything is working perfectly and bigger and bigger problems are evolving.

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Last December, Microsoft announced they would be discontinuing bundled sales of Forefront Enterprise security products. Existing customers will continue to be supported, but they will not be renewing subscriptions for Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server, the Microsoft Exchange add-on for detecting spam and viruses utilizing various filters.

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Can SPAMfighter remove blog spam often also referred to as blog comment spam? That is indeed one question we often hear in our support. Bloggers enjoying blogging and wanting their readers to comment on posts are more and more concerned and irritated over blog spam.

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KeygenWe all love free stuff, and software is no exception. If you have come here for a free copy of FULL-DISKfighter you have come to the right place.. maybe.

This is a post that will teach you a bit about moral and give you some insights into the world of software (for free).

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