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Apple iPad Scam

Apple iPad ScamIn the SPAMfighter lab, we’ve seen a huge increase in Apple related spam emails. Spammers appear to be working day and night to earn money, and when they see this kind of “opportunity”, they jump on it.

However, because our users report spam day and night, due to our large worldwide audience in all time zones, SPAMfighter blocks all new spam messages, even before the spammers release the “Send” button.

Update –  iPad scam – April 2, 2012
We have received reports in the comments of this post of a huge iPad phone scam going on now with Apple’s recent release of “the new” iPad.  According to reports, people are receiving automated phone calls and text messages with instructions on how to claim a free iPad. One particular scam reads, “Apple is looking for people to Text & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter code BETA will receive it!”. Other messages claims that “Ipad 3 testers wanted” which is of cource also bogus.

Be weary of any calls or messages from unknown numbers, especially if you haven’t signed up for any contests.  Please tell us your story below if you are also receiving these iPad scam phone calls.

Update – iPad scam – April 20, 2012
New round of these ipad 3 scams seems to be going on. They are still using the “New Ipad 3″ angle and it’s still bogus. Thank for the additions to the phone number list. We will update shortly….

Update – iPad scam – January 4, 2013
Scammers are active early 2013. We saw a Ipad for christmas scam in december but the volume is much higher in January.  

Update – iPad scam – February 22, 2013
Scammers are again very active. This time they use Netflix as scam bait

Update – iPad scam – February 18, 2014
This time scamers are trying to lure Internet users to visit “”. Read examples below.

Here are the offending phone numbers we’ve collected so far:

  • 201-423-5253
  • 201-616-9146
  • 201-619-9146
  • 201-706-0923
  • 201-706-1230
  • 201-744-3293
  • 201-744-3689
  • 201-744-3907
  • 201-748-9041
  • 201-850-3884
  • 201-912-7426
  • 201-912-7520
  • 201-912-7759
  • 201-912-7944
  • 201-912-9046
  • 201-912-9073
  • 201-912-9082
  • 201-912-9084
  • 201-912-9086
  • 201-912-9092
  • 201-912-9103
  • 201-912-9103
  • 201-912-9134
  • 201-912-9167
  • 201-912-9168
  • 201-912-9171
  • 201-912-9179
  • 201-912-9184
  • 201-912-9188
  • 201-912-9198
  • 201-912-9199
  • 201-912-9227
  • 201-912-9246
  • 201-912-9247
  • 201-912-9252
  • 201-912-9255
  • 201-912-9257
  • 201-912-9258
  • 201-912-9260
  • 201-912-9265
  • 201-912-9591
  • 201-912-9617
  • 201-912-9624
  • 201-912-9624 
  • 201-912-9653
  • 201-912-9683
  • 201-912-9715
  • 201-912-9720
  • 201-912-9737
  • 201-912-9738
  • 201-912-9739
  • 201-912-9740
  • 201-912-9756
  • 201-912-9757
  • 201-912-9870
  • 201-912-9876
  • 201-912-9888
  • 201-912-9889
  • 201-912-9987
  • 201-918-0392
  • 201-918-0496
  • 201-918-0587
  • 201-918-0857
  • 201-921-9169
  • 201–918-0392
  • 206-912-7951
  • 209-277-7515
  • 209-327-6274
  • 209-327-6647
  • 209-485-0964
  • 209-485-1498
  • 209-485-4579
  • 209-559-0873
  • 210-616-9146
  • 213-361-2535
  • 310-666-2476
  • 313-160-9948
  • 313-427-9335
  • 347-255-0483
  • 347-463-5858
  • 347-735-9517
  • 530-470-3523
  • 605-622-0892
  • 606-272-3465
  • 619-252-3522
  • 626-241-5148
  • 626-241-5375
  • 646-620-6846
  • 661-370-1424
  • 661-370-1830
  • 703-395-4809
  • 707-362-1494
  • 707-391-3867
  • 707-391-3890
  • 718-687-7348
  • 718-715-8025
  • 760-616-0557
  • 760-616-0690
  • 760-616-0916
  • 780-616-0710
  • 805-272-5381
  • 805-395-1273
  • 805-395-1274
  • 805-640-5190
  • 805-798-0856
  • 831-254-7243
  • 831-254-8931
  • 831-707-4607
  • 909-213-3366
  • 909-282-8481
  • 916-672-7740

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  1. Rick says:

    just received text – offending number 323-642-7920:
    Winner number xxxxx you won an iPad or a $1000 giftcard from Netflix for being a lucky customer. Get your prize here

  2. Shane says:

    Just found out that my mom had this message on her phone; “Winner number:80084 You’ve won a iPad or a $1000 Walmart gift card from Netflix for being a lucky customer! Redeem your prize here….. I immediately searched it up, found this site, and telling you guys a new offending #.

    Offending number: +1 (573) 340-5118. Watch out people!

  3. Jena says:

    Just got one of the netflix texts with the offending #: 424-236-3850. Did a reverse look-up on and found that it was coming from Hawthorne, California.

  4. Heather says:

    Another number to add to your list: 904-263-1104. I was also offered the iPad or $1000 gift card. Oh how I wish this was real… :D

  5. Bryan says:

    From (612) 208-7006

    Winner number:98398 You’ve won a New iPad3 or a $1000 giftcard from Netflix for being a lucky customer! Claim your prize here

  6. Michelle says:

    From 617-855-5872

    Winner number :66753. You have won a New iPad3 or a $1000 Walmart giftcard from Netflix for being a lucky customer! Redeem your prize at

    Recieved: 11:55AM Fed 27, 2013

    BOGUS!! Do not CLICK!!! SPAM ALERT!!!!

  7. Jen says:

    add #646-504-3795 to the netflix scam…offered a new ipad or $1000 gift card.

  8. Jake Arthur says:

    Just got a text from (937)453-1788 saying the same thing.

  9. larkspur says:

    I just received both an email then a text with the offer of having won either an iPad or a $1000 gift card to Walmart. My first thought was honestly, what would I do with a Walmart giftcard! the web address they gave is what clued me in most strongly to it being a scam (though the random offer of free stuff is suspect enough!). it was the number on my text message was 323-680-4286. hey, if you wanna try your luck, my winner # was 75882. thanks.
    p.s. funny i see that some people were offered the 1k giftcard for Netflix rather than Walmart. interesting. hope these scammers get caught before they trap too many unsuspecting people!

  10. Tracey says:

    Got a text saying Winner number: 45274 You won a new ipad or $1000.00 gift card from Netflix for being a lucky customer. Claim your gift here The text came from number319-435-8386. People who scam others, SUCK!

  11. evelyn says:

    same text as all the other from phone # 980-222-1350

  12. Nikki says:

    Add 740-966-1732 to the Netflix Scam numbers

  13. Tiffany says:

    From 213-293-6854
    “Winning number: 91320. You’ve won a iPad 3 or a $1000 gift card from Netflix for being a lucky customer! Get your prize here”

  14. BJP says:

    301-883-1097 – Netflix Scam Number

  15. Amanda says:

    Just got a text 10 minutes ago from this number: 17248048327
    “Winner number:62498 You’ve won a new ipad 3 or a $1000 gift card from Netflix for being a lucky customer! Redeem your gifet here”

  16. chris_n_sd1001 says:

    Winner number:56923 You won a new ipad or $1000.00 gift card from Netflix for being a lucky customer. Claim your gift here

    Phone number 248-716-0181

  17. Danielle says:

    offending # 732-927-1428. ipad 3 or 1k giftcard from Walmart or Visa. Netflix

  18. Brandon says:

    Add (320) 305-6584. Got the same netflix text message.

  19. Jen says:

    you can add #317-520-1368

  20. Pam says:

    number 574-675-6987 sent me texts yesterday offering iPad and netflix.

  21. Tyna says:

    Another number to add to your list: 856-512-0573. I was also offered the iPad or $1000 gift card from Netflix.

  22. teresa says:

    text received 2/26/13 from 209-286-6318: Winner number 62121 You have won a new ipad 3 or a $1000 gift card from Netflix for being a lucky customer! Claim your gift at

  23. Jen says:

    Another number to add to your list of offenders: 504-534-8070.

    They sent the same Netflix customer message about an Ipad 3 or a $1000 Walmart Card.

  24. Rich says:

    Add another number 904-274-1801. iPad or $1,000 from Netflix

  25. Lynn Duncan says:

    Another # to add 772-202-8501
    Winner #79404, new iPad or $1000 gift card from Netflix, redeem at

  26. Sandra says:

    Got a text from208-352-2703 saying we had one a ipad or 1000 gift card from Walmart from Netflix.
    Please add this number to your list.

  27. Darren says:

    Same message as others, 1k netflix card or i pad. number was 412-329-8367

  28. Matt says:

    Text from 215-385-3081
    msg reads:
    Winner number:66154 You have won a New iPAD or $1000 gift card from Netflix for being a customer! Get your gift at bit.lyYQXgoi

  29. Andy says:

    Also add offending number 661-532-8631. Same message.

  30. Jason says:

    Text from 573-340-5371
    msg reads:
    Netflix ID:81596 You’ve won a New iPad3 or a $1000 giftcard for being a loyal customer! Redeem your prize at

  31. Dave says:

    Just got one that says, “Netflix ID:37002 You won a iPad or a $1000 giftcard from Walmart for being a great customer! Claim your prize here″ from the number 810-545-7126

  32. Lindsay says:

    I got one from 321-837-9566. Netflix scam, same as above.

  33. Ken says:

    Message from 1-469-278-6485
    You have won a new IPad3 or a $1000 gift card for being a loyal customer! Claim your gift here

  34. Joyce says:

    Text from 252-285-9262
    msg reads:
    Netflix ID:78751 You’ve won a New iPad or a $1000 giftcard from Walmart for being a loyal customer! Redeem your prize at….

  35. Karl says:

    Offending Number: (571) 308-8409
    Netflix ID:XXXXXX You’ve won a iPad or a $1000 gift card for being a loyal customer! Redeem your fit here

  36. Lauren says:

    Another #: 315-496-1558

  37. Matt says:

    Another Number to add: (206) 486-5631

    Text message: “Netflix ID: 68597 You have won a New iPad 3 or a $1000 gift card from Walmart for being a loyal customer! Claim your gift here”

    Should I text them back and let them know they were reported, to try and scare or no use?

  38. Ryan says:

    Add this number to the offenders list: 772-245-7534

  39. Kathleen Baker says:

    I got a text just like the others Ipad3 or 1000 dollar gift card for being a good netflix customer.Here is the phone number 1-347-674-9252. So you can add it to your list. I feel really stupid because I tried to respond to it by phone and text, even tho I’m not a netflix customer,duh that should of been the first clue! I am new to the internet and text so I have an excuse,lol. I had to ask my son and he told me its prolly a scam,and sure enough it was! I hate scammers!

  40. Steve Bowman says:

    got text from #2522859031 Netflix ID 83960 “You won a new I pad or $1000.00 for being a loyal customer! Redeem your prize here

    “To good to be true usually is”


  41. Jesse says:

    Offending Number: 608-466-6074
    Message: Netflix ID: ***** You’ve won a iPad or a $1000 gift card from Walmart for being a great customer! Get your gift at

  42. Howard says:

    Here is another # 1 302 439 0665

    Winner number:65371 You have won a New iPad3 or a $1000 gift card from Netflix for being a lucky customer! Get your gift here

    I have never been a customer.

  43. Monica says:

    Just got this on fb from someone who is not on my friends list in my inbox.
    monica test then keep an ipad at i p a d 3 s t a r . com

  44. Nick says:

    No, SERIOUSLY HOW D-U-M-B or RETARDED one must be to beleive that someone would be giving them FREE GADGETS WORTH $500?!! Without asking them for survey of some kind, making a bid deal out of it publicly with press releases and photoshoot and all the PR stuff. Yeah f*in right, corporations have nothing better to do in America but to give free stuff away. Argh… USA is a country of eternal greed where money is an only idol and yeah, you expect that on a silver platter. Well you deserve to get scammed and get a reality check then. Start THINKING for yourself and taking responsibility for your own actions. Throw the zombiebox out, unplug the cable and start THINKING goddamit

  45. Ravi says:

    Just got this on fb from Georgette Person who is not on my friends list in my inbox.
    ravi test then keep an ipad at i p a d 3 s t a r (.) com . Add Georgette Person from facebook in offenders list.

  46. Al says:

    Got an electronic voice message when applying for jobs on internet on my iphone, “Congratulations Apple customer this is your chance to win an iPad. Just tell us where you’d like it sent: Office, Home, Not decided Yet. I clicked Not decided, it asked which iPad I’d like, clicked on that, which colour would I like, clicked on that , what is my phione number….called up this site and ended the connection….

  47. Amber says:

    I was on Facebook and a friend of mine posed a website and told me to check it out. when I clicked on the website this little box popped up that said I need to complete this survey if I wanted to continue. it was an apple survey telling me that I won a free I Pad as long as I filled in all of my information. is this a scam or does it really work. I don’t want to put my address and everything out to scammers so I would like to know.

  48. dake says:

    Got a call from 201-913-8213. A person was on the other line and directed me to the website, and asked me to tell him the ‘enrollment code’. I went to the website, which may not have been a good idea, which under the 4-digit enrollment code had a box titled ‘website to call’ that said Not trusting the situation, I decided not to tell him what I saw (although opening the website on a different computer got the same exact screen). The guy said that I had entered my information in a survey for a free ipad. (I had not–he had my name and email wrong also) He said the next step if I gave him the enrollment code was to go to I have no idea how the scam works or what they’re after but I wasn’t about to find out.

  49. Barbara Knight says:

    Looks like the last thing was back in September….well the scam is going on again. Got a call yesterday and today from two different numbers. I deleted the number from yesterday but the number today was 878-102-7771. Both times it was a man with an accent….the one today I was actually able to understand a little better. Anyway, was told to go to I did and was told to enter a code, I did and when I hit enter it took me to another page with another site listed. At that point I clicked off the internet and hung up. Both times I asked where they got my number from and was told the internet…today I asked where on the internet….was told I filled out a survey, I told him that no I didn’t so was told that I must have went to one of their sponsor sites. Anyway, there is another number to add to the list and for others to know about the newest ipad scam.

  50. Dan Zwicker says:

    On Oct 9/13 I was taken through the same ipad “you won” routine.

  51. Mary Moehle says:

    10-14-13 Received call from ?. Indian accented man spoke too fast to understand but said I had won an iPad, resulting from contact w/? Wanted info from me/told him I was not comfortable doing that, my phone’s battery was going low and gave him cell number to call. Did not hear from him again until this morning (10-17-13) when he gave me Code #712430 to input on Google site:, which gave me Enrollment Code #1098. I was to then contact: which would supply me w/Authorization Code; last instruction (after filling in their blank Authorization Code) was to click on “Next”. Did not respond or give any info; it’s sad and more than offensive to know the morally bankrupt people behind these scams will never be held to account.

  52. Nina Kirkland says:

    Just got a call from a Texas number that was exactly as described by Mary Moehle on Oct 17 … even the same code #712430.
    However, I didn’t go to the page and give him the code, telling him I was having problems with my computer while I tried to fast google search on another page about this website to see if it was a scam. He did tell me, politely, that he wasn’t going to need any personal information from me but was on the phone to help me complete the qualification process. When I continued to stall, he hung up.

  53. Spammers and scammers will always try to find loopholes, not only through the iPad, the entire gadget will also get a threat like this. Be careful ..

  54. angel preston says:

    I also received a call and was told that I would be receiving a ipad by this past Monday and today is now wensday dec 2nd 2013 and I haven’t received anything yet

  55. angel preston says:

    sorry I put in the incorrect date today is dec03rd 2013

  56. Kim says:

    Same deal, male with an Indian accent said to go to Phone number 573-111-3819. Was suppose to click on KAPinsurance web page (located in Canada when I looked it up). Said someone would call back and gave me a code of 1633313. Never received another call. I figured it was a scam from the start.

  57. Priscilla says:

    603-101-9252 Add this number same story as the rest…….. Free Ipad if I bounce from website to website but did not ask my personal information (thank god) What was the point of all this I am still wondering…

  58. Pam Collins says:

    I got a phone call winning free ipad had to go to winning # 1646762. Offending phone no. 956-171-6009

  59. robyn says:

    January 13 2014 I got a call telling me I qualify for a free I pad .I had to two 4 different websites and put in codes then he said I would receive it in 4 to 5 days .he didn’t ask for any personal information said it was all paid for.i heard its a scam but one person I read somewhere actually received I am waiting

  60. George G says:

    Got a call from #812-189-7414 (Indiana) on my caller ID. Indian accent and he said that I won an Ipad from a contest I signed up for a while back. Didn’t want any info, but he asked me to go online to I googled the phone number and it’s in India.

    Then he gave me a 4 Digit code to enter.
    A 6 digit member code is 7—-2
    and some 7 digit code.
    He then asked me to go to three different websites, for just a second

    One of them was

    He said his name is Daniel and that I will be called tomorrow to get my shipping info for the Ipad
    I was obviously never called
    I called back but now I’m scared I’m going to be charged a lot of money
    I want to know what they were phishing for and what information they got from me

  61. Doel Baughman says:

    I just received a call from (313) 160-9948. They asked me to go to On that page there was a picture of an Ipad and a spot to input a confirmation number which the person gave me. Instead of typing it in, I closed the tab and told the lady to give my ipad to someone else. Hopefully I didn’t already download a trojan. :(

  62. Hi Doel

    I wouldn’t worry about that. I get no warnings when visiting the page. Their scam is not related to trojans.

    If you worry about those however please feel free to try a 30-day free trial of VIRUSfighter.

    Thank you for helping out with a number Doel, it has been added.

  63. Sandra says:

    Just received a call for verification for a free Ipad. Was instructed to go to:, then I was given a membership code to enter, next in was asked to open a series of browsers and asked to tell what I saw. They included:,,, and finally,
    I was asked to return to the browser and was given another code to enter. I was told that tomorrow I will get a call from the shipping office, who will get my shipping information.

    I don’t know if this is a scam, but it sounds like one!

  64. Kathryn says:

    I received a call today and the number was 315-191-2078. He told me to go to and i did, and he had me go to a few websites and type in some codes… I figured out it was a scam after we had gotten off the phone, im terrified that they used the codes to get to my computer information. I’m scared beyond all reason, I hope there are no virus’ and information that they took. I didn’t give him my name or bank information or address.
    Please let me know if I’ll be ok.

  65. Mary says:

    I too received a call today Feb. 17, 2014 from that same phone # (315) 191-2078 was dragged thru the same hoops and tunnel obstacle course as you Kathryn. Funny thing is this would be the second time around first time was phone #(432) 123-6155 on Feb. 6th,2014. Both times the voice on the other end supplied the same access # and I’m just gonna put it out there 712522 because i have a feeling we all share the same number. Call it a hunch. First call was a man, second call a woman. The second call i informed the (Indian speaking) woman on the other end that i had already done these steps. I thankfully or maybe not was having issues connecting to my main browser. Well this lady instantly turned from phone sweepstakes Rep. into troubleshooter.CON. All i know is that I’m the daughter of a Federal Judge and I hate when people waste my time so in the memory of my Dad I’m gonna sink my teeth into this one till I get a viable answer. And I want to know do these companies (Metlife, Progressive realize the S–tstain being left on their reputation by these leeches? Also to Kathryn again I don’t beleive your personal info is at jeopardy. I think that when they get a person to the screen where they open a page say “Metlife” then have you close it then do the same with next two pages, they get a payment of sorts for each person who goes to those pages and opens them. Remember victory comes in numbers! This kinda stuff has got to end. They ain’t even in this country and they’re robbing us!

  66. Suny says:

    Call from
    Indian accent.
    Offered a free ipad but didn’t responded.

  67. hz says:

    I went on a website that said that i was the 100,000th visitor and was eligible to win a macbook pro, iPad air, 1000 visa gift card, or an iPhone 5s. It was an ad. I don’t think it’s real and these things are going wild.

  68. Sharon Pullen says:

    Well I get to be added to the list. :( the phone number came up Ontario California 289-122-0328. Same thing as others recently called. Gets you to type in a code, go to 3 different insurance websites then go back to original page to type in a code. I think these are what as known as clickers. They get paid by the ‘click’ to a website. Looks like more people have visited a site than really have. I’m pretty sure I’ll never hear from anyone to get my shipping info. Saw something on the news about Facebook selling ‘likes’. Facebook sells ad space for a certain $ amount guaranteeing so many clicks for the dollar amount. I don’t think there is anything to worry about with personal info…they got what they wanted, your clicks. Still wrong but hopefully harmless.

  69. Rachel says:

    I have received a message on my phone from +27 (81) 4336655
    “You have qualify for £500,000.00 on APPLE iPhone Lotto, send Email name,mobile,& country, address to

    Please note the bad spelling in grammar

  70. PETER HEAPS says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I have received the following e-mail.

    I am not aware that I have an Apple ID. Is this a scam ?


    Peter Heaps

    From: Apple Center ( Microsoft SmartScreen classified this message as junk.
    Sent: 11 September 2014 16:29:13
    Microsoft SmartScreen marked this message as junk and we’ll delete it after ten days.
    Wait, it’s safe!|I’m not sure. Let me check
    Dear Apple Customer,

    Your Apple ID was just used to make a purchase from the App Store on a computer or device that had not previously been associated with that Apple ID. This purchase was initiated from Nigeria. If you made this purchase, you can disregard this email. It was only sent toalert you in case you did not make the purchase yourself. If you did not make this purchase, we recommend that you follow the steps under “Verify account” button to change your password.

    Please Click “Verify account” to start securing your account !

    Verify account


    Apple Customer Support

    This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this email. If you need additional help, please visit Apple Support.

  71. Kim Falkner says:

    Hi Peter,

    It is definately a phishing scam. Never react to such mails using links provided in the mails. If you need to check your Apple id account then always use the page provided by Apple:

  72. melody says:

    not sure if this counts as the same scam, but i just had a popup in my browser that read
    “Dear Eastlink customer, you have been chosen to receive an exclusive Ipad 3! Just complete our 30 second survey, and pay 4.99 shipping and handling!”
    I obviously did not fall for it.

  73. Jolene says:

    Got a Pop-up claiming to be from Rogers (which is a tv, Internet and phone provider in Canada – Ottawa, Ontario) asking to complete a survey – 4 questions ie gender, where are you using system – home, work and 2 more, do you have an iPad yes or no, and I forget the other question… When I completed the survey, it directed me to a congrats page where I could choose between an iPad with retina scan, wifi & 3G usually $449 now free only pay $4.99 S & H – only 4 left or an Android product, again only pay S & H – sold out… When I chose the iPad, I was directed to another page that asked for my particulars ie name, address, phone number… with a checked box i agree to term and conditions… Of course I tried to look at terms couldn’t… They did not ask for any card info or maybe I just hadn’t got to that part… So I called Rogers and they said there is NO SURVEY of the kind at this moment… Deleted all my info and got rid of page… Hopefully I’m ok computer wise… Just thought you might like to be aware of this…

  74. Deep says:

    Everyday I received massage on Whats app..from +1 (201) 989-0044….even though I dont know this number…
    give me some satisfactory solution. ..

  75. Leah says:

    Can someone from this site look at Jane’s comment on May 14 please? Surely this is a scam??

  76. Leah says:

    What I mean is that Jane’s comment is masquerading as a genuine comment that has passed moderation. It is not reading as someone giving an example of a scam email or comment. Someone may think this is genuine. To be honest I think it’s an intentional scam comment and not an example of one, otherwise it would have been presented that way. How did it make it through moderation guys??!

  77. Kim Falkner says:


    Sorry you are clearly right. Comment from Jane is deleted now.

  78. Antoneith Loyola says:

    Today I got a confirmation via fb,that im the one lucky winner of ipad air today,really bullshit its only a bluff..

  79. adrian landin says:

    Add 469 509 0675

  80. Tom Haller says:

    This is what I have:
    ****WARNING OS ALERT****
    Due to third party application in your
    device, IOS is crashed
    Contact Support

    What now?

  81. Thomas says:

    Congratulations you have been picked please chose your reward in 5min if u dont it will be given away
    •iPhone 6
    •$500 amezon
    It looked legit cause it was in a blue box like apple made it but my ipod has my location but it need everything all over again so I quit and came here to see if it is legit

  82. I happened to click on a long no trying to click to a news article on Facebook. I then received a text informing me is been charged £30!!!! Scammers!!! Steer clear!! I intend to get the money back by ANY MEANS!!!!!! Here are the details.

    FreeMsg: you’ve paid £30.00 for Access from BigWin visited at 3:01. Help? 02035405938 or

  83. Kenna jordan says:

    This shows up:
    ****WARNING OS ALERT****
    Due to third party application in your
    device, IOS is crashed
    Contact Support

    Is this legit or what can I do to fix it??? Help please

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