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Apple iPad Scam

Apple iPad ScamIn the SPAMfighter lab, we’ve seen a huge increase in Apple related spam emails. Spammers appear to be working day and night to earn money, and when they see this kind of “opportunity”, they jump on it.

However, because our users report spam day and night, due to our large worldwide audience in all time zones, SPAMfighter blocks all new spam messages, even before the spammers release the “Send” button.

Update –  iPad scam – April 2, 2012
We have received reports in the comments of this post of a huge iPad phone scam going on now with Apple’s recent release of “the new” iPad.  According to reports, people are receiving automated phone calls and text messages with instructions on how to claim a free iPad. One particular scam reads, “Apple is looking for people to Text & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter code BETA will receive it!”. Other messages claims that “Ipad 3 testers wanted” which is of cource also bogus.

Be weary of any calls or messages from unknown numbers, especially if you haven’t signed up for any contests.  Please tell us your story below if you are also receiving these iPad scam phone calls.

Update – iPad scam – April 20, 2012
New round of these ipad 3 scams seems to be going on. They are still using the “New Ipad 3” angle and it’s still bogus. Thank for the additions to the phone number list. We will update shortly….

Update – iPad scam – January 4, 2013
Scammers are active early 2013. We saw a Ipad for christmas scam in december but the volume is much higher in January.  

Update – iPad scam – February 22, 2013
Scammers are again very active. This time they use Netflix as scam bait

Update – iPad scam – February 18, 2014
This time scamers are trying to lure Internet users to visit “”. Read examples below.

Here are the offending phone numbers we’ve collected so far:

  • 201-423-5253
  • 201-616-9146
  • 201-619-9146
  • 201-706-0923
  • 201-706-1230
  • 201-744-3293
  • 201-744-3689
  • 201-744-3907
  • 201-748-9041
  • 201-850-3884
  • 201-912-7426
  • 201-912-7520
  • 201-912-7759
  • 201-912-7944
  • 201-912-9046
  • 201-912-9073
  • 201-912-9082
  • 201-912-9084
  • 201-912-9086
  • 201-912-9092
  • 201-912-9103
  • 201-912-9103
  • 201-912-9134
  • 201-912-9167
  • 201-912-9168
  • 201-912-9171
  • 201-912-9179
  • 201-912-9184
  • 201-912-9188
  • 201-912-9198
  • 201-912-9199
  • 201-912-9227
  • 201-912-9246
  • 201-912-9247
  • 201-912-9252
  • 201-912-9255
  • 201-912-9257
  • 201-912-9258
  • 201-912-9260
  • 201-912-9265
  • 201-912-9591
  • 201-912-9617
  • 201-912-9624
  • 201-912-9624 
  • 201-912-9653
  • 201-912-9683
  • 201-912-9715
  • 201-912-9720
  • 201-912-9737
  • 201-912-9738
  • 201-912-9739
  • 201-912-9740
  • 201-912-9756
  • 201-912-9757
  • 201-912-9870
  • 201-912-9876
  • 201-912-9888
  • 201-912-9889
  • 201-912-9987
  • 201-918-0392
  • 201-918-0496
  • 201-918-0587
  • 201-918-0857
  • 201-921-9169
  • 201–918-0392
  • 206-912-7951
  • 209-277-7515
  • 209-327-6274
  • 209-327-6647
  • 209-485-0964
  • 209-485-1498
  • 209-485-4579
  • 209-559-0873
  • 210-616-9146
  • 213-361-2535
  • 310-666-2476
  • 313-160-9948
  • 313-427-9335
  • 347-255-0483
  • 347-463-5858
  • 347-735-9517
  • 530-470-3523
  • 605-622-0892
  • 606-272-3465
  • 619-252-3522
  • 626-241-5148
  • 626-241-5375
  • 646-620-6846
  • 661-370-1424
  • 661-370-1830
  • 703-395-4809
  • 707-362-1494
  • 707-391-3867
  • 707-391-3890
  • 718-687-7348
  • 718-715-8025
  • 760-616-0557
  • 760-616-0690
  • 760-616-0916
  • 780-616-0710
  • 805-272-5381
  • 805-395-1273
  • 805-395-1274
  • 805-640-5190
  • 805-798-0856
  • 831-254-7243
  • 831-254-8931
  • 831-707-4607
  • 909-213-3366
  • 909-282-8481
  • 916-672-7740

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  1. Lorie Acker says:

    Mail just popped up when I was looking up a website saying I was a winner of a iPhone 7 and they will send me a iPhone 6 with 16gs they put on the site this is not a scam etc. when in fact it really is a scam I just don’t like how these people can just continue scamming good people and continue lying over and over this needs to be stopped

  2. Tracey says:

    Please help, a pop up came up on my iPad and I cannot get rid of it – it says ‘congratulations iPad! Your iPad device was selected because we need more testers for the new iPhone 7
    Press OK to participate and receive a free iPhone 6
    The only option is ok – this has completely disabled my safari app as I cannot close the pop up unless I click OK. I’ve tried powering down and back on but without success. Please can you advise. Many thanks.

  3. Martianna says:

    I need a iphone

  4. Hi Tracy

    That doesn’t sound good. I’d suggest resetting Safari in settings.

    – Clear History
    – Clear Cookies
    – Clear Cache

    Tapping on each of these will clear all stored information and bring it back to default settings.

  5. Tracey says:

    Thanks Philip, that’s cleared it (phew!!) thanks for your help.

  6. jon says:

    hey Tracy, i had the same thing. i fixed it by quitting safari, rebooting and then opening safari and as soon as possible clicking on a different tab so the spam one isn’t active. then you can “x” it closed while it’s inactive.

  7. Ryan Moore says:

    I noticed an odd toolbar on which had never been there before. There was a Mail button that was flashing, alerting me that I had a message. When I clicked on it, a very real looking message from… popped up offering a free iPhone 7. I did my research before I started filling out the info. and decided to close out. I followed Philip Mahler’s directions and when I logged back on to the toolbar was gone. I was on an iPhone 5s.

    Thank you Mr. Mahler.

  8. Stuart Bisset says:

    Hi just had this pop up on my wife’s iPad. Do not press ok. Press the home key to return to the home screen. Double press the home key to get to your current apps and close Safai by swiping it upwards.
    Reopen safari and close all tabs.

  9. Rachel says:

    I received the same pop up as Tracey while in safari. Had to shut down my iPad.

  10. I got a pop up on my phone says I won a free phone is it for real

  11. Jim says:

    i just got same pop re: test winner i7 up on my i5s and i cant get out of it? so i shut ph off

  12. Marnix A. van Ammers says:

    Pop up said “CONGRATULATIONS! Your Apple device was selected because we need more testers for the new iPhone 7. Press OK to participate and receive a free iPhone 6

    I got the popup after clicking on some spot in my app.

  13. Jerry G says:

    I received a pop up ad that said “Congratulations your Samsung device was selected & you are a winner. Apple needs testers like you to test their new aIPhone/IPad. Then there was a box that had click here, so I clicked on the box & then a message came up that said Error 400 trouble loading company page. I searched for a way to turn them in as a scam/false advertising but I couldn’t find a website to go to. Does anybody have a suggestion or know of a way to turn these scammers in?

  14. Tracey says:

    I wish I knew how to report it too Jerry G – it’s happened again twice since my original post/query. I don’t know where it’s come from though, just happened to me whilst using safari app on the iPad. Wasn’t even on the same website when it happened again. Thanks to the replies though at least we can get rid of it.

  15. Seth Crosby says:

    Thank you, Mr. Mahler! Clearing worked for us too!

  16. Karen says:

    Thanks for the help of shutting off safari and then reopening it and xing it out. The same popup came up though so thought I would go into facebook and hit a link and when a new one came up, was able to x out the offending one. My popup that I couldn’t get rid of was Fantasy Sports this time. Last time I cleared history to get the iPhone scam out, but couldn’t figure out how to do it this time on the ipad.

  17. B says:

    Clicked on ‘OK, on congratulations you have won an iPhone 6’ as couldn’t get rid if it. Then ‘x’d it as soon as it started to open. Do I have anything to worry about?

  18. Victoria says:

    Got a different kind of iPhone scam. While I was playing Yahtzee with Buddies, I saw some flashing message icon at the bottom of my phone. I thought it might be my daughter messaging me, since we play this game a lot. Clicked on it and it said that my phone carrier (Verizon) had picked me to win an iPhone. There were the usual Facebook comments like, “Omg I thought this was a scam but I received my iPhone today” and what-not. They wanted me to confirm my address and phone number, but…with my OLD cell phone number (never had that number on this phone, and the carrier for that number was Virgin, not Verizon).

    I know enough to know that no one gets somethng for nothing, but it makes me mad that they use such deceptive tactics. Should I contact Verizon about this? I didn’t notice the company involved, I just closed out the window – hope I never hear from them again. How they managed to contact me through a phone that had an entirely new number and carrier is a mystery to me.

  19. Sandy H says:

    Just received a pop up stating Apple has chosen me as a winner for an apple i phone 6. I couldn’t get out of this until l clicked on OK. I didn’t go any further as l do know these can be scams. What l didn’t like was the photos of people saying this isn’t a SCAM! Terrible. How do these people take over our I pads. There’s no such thing as something for nothing. Look out for hptt/. These are scam sites. Real sites start with hptts/

  20. Sharon says:

    I too have had this pop up during a game app,–
    Then says , congratulations virginmedia Limited user! Your iPad device was selected because we need more testers for the new I phone 7 , press ok to participate in this revolutionary promotion ! That’s it no gift making it sound like Iam lucky be some sort of Guinea pig !! Watch out

  21. Chris says:

    I too received a “Congratulations (ISP name) subscriber, your iPad was randomly selected in (suburb) today to win a prize!
    I was suspicious because my ISP’s name was not quite right.
    I only had the button OK to choose, however, thanks to Philip’s help, I reset Safari & it’s now OK.

  22. Chris says:

    I got an email stating the I won a significant amount of $ an apple phone & a macbook then they said to send my info to. appleunit7@hotmail

  23. RobertoniOl says:

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  24. Timur says:

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  25. KLD says:

    How do you clear Facebook when the offer goes up? Uninstall Facebook? Or is there another way?

  26. Tracey says:

    To KLD, I’d remove the Facebook app then download it again. Am too wary to click on these pop ups. Thankfully I’ve not had one of these pop ups in a while now, but am having problems with my email being scammed now and sending out dodgy emails to my contacts from (what looks like but isn’t) my email address. If it’s not one thing it’s another ?

  27. Christina Urban Sørensen says:

    Dear Tracey,

    We are sorry to hear about your tech problems.
    It sounds like you have been a victim of phishing or hacking.
    I would recommend you to get a filter on your e-mail (as long as you are not entering your e-mail through an browser) this will prevent you from clicking on something bad, because all of the spam e-mails will automatically go to another folder.
    You can get our free spam filter here:
    These are the e-mail clients that SPAMfighter supports:
    Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 (Office)
    Outlook Express 5.5 (and later) (32 Bit)
    Windows Mail (Only 32bit)
    Windows Live Mail (Only POP3)
    Mozilla Thunderbird

    Also, I would recommend you go get an anti-virus program and anti-spyware program. All of our programs you can try out from free in 30 days.
    Download VIRUSfighter here:
    Download SPYWAREfighter here:

    If this doesn’t help you, unfortunately sometimes you’ll have to get a new e-mail address.

  28. What’s up, after reading this remarkable piece of writing i am too glad to share my familiarity here with friends.

  29. Allyson says:

    I received tonight a pop up on my iphone 6 that I cannot get rid of !! congratulations! You were selected because we need more testers for the new iphone 7 press OK to participate and receive a free iphone 6s.

    I knew that this would be scam however I pressed OK to see if it would go away and it didnt. I have tried clearing history in safari and also advanced website data, have reset the network settings. I don’t particularly want to reset all settings as I don’t want to lose content on my phone !! I deleted the app that I recently added which was “photomyne” tried it again still get the message. I changed the search engine to yahoo and it is fine but I prefer google changed it back and it still comes up !!!

    Can someone please help !!!

  30. Rueben says:

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    Bien d’accord. Sinon un service bien sérieuxl avec des prestations référencement
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  33. Emi says:

    Popped Up On my IPhone 6S Screen just now. Said it was Facebook offering a free IPad. It looks like a Facebook page, But when you click on the links to Facebook at the top right they don’t work. There is a second counter counting down from 3 minutes… I did not push any of their links to get the prize…. Here is the wording on this Pop-Up:
    Congratulations, You’re Today’s Lucky contender!
    Wednesday, 20 April, 2016
    Every Wednesday we select one lucky visitor to get a chance to get a special reward from our sponsors, as our “thank you” for being a loyal mobile user.

    You are today’s lucky contender! Join the army of more than 10,000 people who were smart enough to get a premium product!

    Note: These exclusive prizes are limited and may be taken down at any time so act fast.

  34. Christina Urban Sørensen says:

    Sounds like a scam, dont click on anything if it comes up again.
    Facebook doesn’t do any offerings, so dont believe that.

  35. megha sharma says:

    how to calim i pad

  36. Bev S says:

    I received the “congratulations you’ve won an ipad pop up” in chrome. Selecting ok was the only option that was available but I did not click ok. I double clicked the home button, swiped it up and reopened and the message was still there so I deleted chrome and downloaded a new Chrome HOWEVER when I opened Safari, the same “congratulations you’ve won an iphone” pop up was in Safari. So I cleared that cache and page. What do I need to remove or clear to make this go away. Turning it off, swiping the site away, deleting the browser and clearing the cache didn’t work. What other option is available. Thanks

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    Keep up the great writіng.

  38. Christina Urban Sørensen says:

    Dear Bev S,

    This could potentially be a threat to the safety of your computer, and therefor I would recommend you to purchase a virus and spyware program, that can scan your computer and protect you, if you do not already have such filter installed on your computer.
    SPAMfightes offers 30 days free trail of their anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, and you can download them both for free.
    Please download VIRUSfighter here:
    Please download SPYWAREfighter here:

    Once the programs are installed, you should run a scan with the program so that they can search your computer for malicious threats.

    Best Regards

  39. anonymous says:

    I fillled out a survey for a free prize when i went to this one website. There were lots of options and i picked an iphone 6s. I checked to see if it was real or just a trick. On the bottom of the page (i have an android phone fyi ) it had people claiming they got their prizes,on facebook. I thought it was real,so i filled it out and clicked ‘ok ‘ after that it just logged out. Idk if i should have done it so i tried to refresh. Then it said i got 3 viruses. I was scared and did everything i could to get them out. I downloaded antivirus apps on my phone and it said i did have a virus. I cleaned it all out and everything looks good ,but im unsure of the survey. Please help. Ive never seen these types of surveys before SOS

  40. Ingri shannon says:

    I was consensual for free giveaway on face book,it says mi I pf,it says surewinxyz,I do not want open it,bud I can not use it it is frozen ,can do nothing ,help

  41. Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

  42. cosmetic says:

    Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon every
    day. It’s always helpful to read articles from other authors and practice a little something from other websites.

  43. Deborah Holt says:

    It was every time I was on facebook i click ifls or science channel link and it has a popup saying I have 3 minutes to claim my ipad and or iphone they won’t let me out i had to X them at top of the tab but its all my links on fb. I wrote a comment at the bottom that I will notify the FTC and consumer affairs they wouldn’t release it so I could go back to the article.

  44. Wilmer Grove says:

    I have been receiving phone calls every day from 941-845-9119 from Palmetlo Florida telling me not to use my IPad until I talk to a Apple consultant at 1-800-815-5126. I discard the messages after talking to Apple Customer Service. They say it sounds like a scam to them. Any suggestions?

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  51. Titus Bett says:

    how can get the iPad 7 that I have won

  52. Lauben says:

    thank you. I have just received
    an email congratulating me upon winning meant big for me. I asked myself,why me. I realized it was a scam

  53. Paul says:

    Hi can anyone help me. I’m getting this pop up
    you have been selected for a free app I’ve system restored back to factory using iTunes I’ve set up as new with no Apple ID at all so it’s not that and I’ve connected my iPad via 4g so it’s not my wifi. Anyone help. Best Regards Paul

  54. Elizabeth says:

    Received an e-mail supposedly from apple that someone purchased and iPhone case on iTunes using my account, I have never been in iTunes, nore do I have an iPhone. Had friends to our home yesterday, and they said they had received similar messages. It is a scam and you should delete, DO NOT OPEN.

  55. Iqbal Anwar says:

    Received a phone call the guy told me I’ve 5 chances to win an iPhone 7 wasn’t really bothered not a big fan of Apple but during the conversation he wanted to know if I played the lottery anyway cut the story short he wanted my account details as soon as he said that alarm bells started to ring I mean even if your own bank phones you they will never ask for your bank details who was he I just hung up straight away.

  56. Hervé Lekuya says:

    Hi guys,

    I received the same message in my laptop ( Congratulations Desktop user, You are our potential winner today!), and I put my second email address in the form (because I knew it may be a Hoax). You can believe me, I start receiving funny messages at this email address since, yet it was quiet for long.

    Mind those stuffs

  57. Luso mwale says:

    am happy tht I have won

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  59. C. Brown says:

    So I received this pop up today on iPhone 7S. I copied the entire page including the photos of the profile users and their comments and then went to Google and pasted the entire page that i copied . It pulled up over five other games saying you’ve one with the exact same people writing the exact same comments. I have copied and pasted it below so you can see what I’m talking about. I did, however, remove the profilers last name except for the first initial. Also if you click on the App Store
    at the top left corner of the page it should take you to the Apple Store. You can tell it is a scam if you click on it and it stays on the same page. Hope that this helps anyone.

    App Store
    Congratulations, You’re Today’s Lucky Winner!
    Friday, 03 February 2017
    Every Friday the App Store gives a lucky visitor the opportunity to become a millionaire. This is our way of saying “thanks” for being a loyal user.
    You are today’s lucky winner! You have a chance to win the progressive jackpot of over $1,909,349.05 ! Just tap “PLAY NOW” below to start playing!

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  62. Please help, a pop up came up on my iPhone and I cannot get rid of it – it says ‘congratulations iPad! Your iPad device was selected because we need more testers for the new iPhone 7 Press OK to participate and receive a free iPhone 6 The only option is ok – this has completely disabled my safari app as I cannot close the pop up unless I click OK. I’ve tried powering down and back on but without success. Please can you advise. Many thanks.

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