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Do I Need a Password Manager?

password log in screenWell, it depends. To better inform your decision, a good place to start is by taking an inventory of the various online accounts you have and assessing how important the information contained within them is. Ask yourself how secure these accounts need to be and what someone with unauthorized access to them might be able to do with your private data. And finally, remind yourself how annoying it is when you can’t remember your passwords and have to answer a security question to retrieve it or reset it for the 100th time.

For those unfamiliar with password managers, now might be a good time to introduce our latest productivity and security solution, PASSWORDfighter, and briefly run through some of its features.

What is a Password Manager? Introducing PASSWORDfighterPASSWORDfighter - a password manager

1) Helps boost productivity – As previously mentioned, it’s time consuming and frustrating when you can’t remember the password to an account you need immediate access to. PASSWORDfighter remembers all your passwords and automatically logs you into password protected sites.

You’re also able to create identities containing frequently used personal information when filling out forms or when shopping online, such as your name, billing & shipping address, credit card numbers, etc… allowing you to fill out lengthy forms with a single click.

2) Improves Online Security – With recent headlines of accounts from widely used sites such as Linkedin, eHarmony, and LastFM being hacked, not to mention the countless spam messages you’ve probably received from hacked email and Facebook accounts, it’s pretty obvious that it’s becoming more and more important to maintain secure password practices.

Create a strong passwordFirstly, that means you should not be using passwords such as “123456″ to secure your bank accounts. Second, you should never use the same password across multiple sites. Instead, it is recommended that you create a unique password containing a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and special characters. How are you supposed to remember passwords like “6*2m$P5!ow”? PASSWORDfighter’s secure password generator in conjunction with instant recall of your impossible-to-remember passwords makes upgrading the security of your online accounts a breeze.

3) Get Organized – PASSWORDfighter makes it easy to categorize your most frequently used and favorite sites into groups. All of these accounts are saved as bookmarks and made accessible from within a PASSWORDfighter plugin available across all or any web browser you use. In addition, a Secure Notes feature gives you a space to keep private or sensitive information stored in.

PASSWORDfighter - organize your passwords

PASSWORDfighter is one of the more in-depth software solutions we’ve released to date and therefore requires a certain amount of commitment in order to get up and running. I promise that it’s worth the effort and that the convenience aspect of not having to remember passwords alone will have you wondering how you got by without it until now.

So, do you need a password manager? I’ll go out on a limb and say that there are probably more important, “must haves” that everybody computer should not be without, such as an antivirus solution or security suite. That being said, password managers have quickly become an invaluable tool for both my home and office online lives and are amongst the first applications I always install on new computers.

If any of the above sounds compelling to you, give PASSWORDfighter’s 30 day trial a shot – it’s fully functional and you have nothing to lose.

We’ll be releasing a series of articles and tutorial that go over some of the features in a bit more depth. For now, if you have any questions at all or need tips on how to get started, contact us or let us know in the comments!

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  1. Rob says:

    I think I will give that a try as well. I know that you are not as protected as you think, even with anti-virus and firewall. First time I have heard of something like this.

  2. Mimi says:

    Yes, you are definitely not protected. I have so-called protection on my PC and I still got hacked. I don’t feel safe anywhere. I will look into this as well.

  3. Sara says:

    Yes, I know you are not secure and safe even with the firewalls and all but this product looks great. Gives you the reassurance that you are truly safe online.

  4. Taylor says:

    There is so much fierce malware it is scary what it can be capable of doing. To your computer yet, even though it is “protected”.

  5. Geoffrey Richardson says:

    I have LASTPASS, but the manual is so complicated I still have not fathomed it all! I will use this 30 trial for a comparison.

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