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Installing a Spam Filter for Microsoft Exchange Server – The Hot Cup of Coffee Test

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A few words on installing a spam filter for Microsoft Exchange Server. We have heard from some of our potential users and resellers that people are sometimes a bit afraid of installing a third party anti-spam program. Many believe that they’ll have to reboot the Server, and because their e-mails are so critical — they are afraid to mess with the physical server and of course Exchange server.



While we agree that e-mails are very important to any organization, it isn’t like watching a scary movie to install an anti-spam filter for Exchange. We’ve put together a short video demonstration on how fast our SPAMfighter Exchange Module can be installed on an Exchange Server. Pour a hot cup of coffee, and let’s see if you are up, running, and filtering spam before you are out of coffee.

Remember SPAMfighter Exchange Server is available in a full version free trial for 30 days.

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  1. WebBanshee says:

    Hi ,

    For Exchange Admins who are affraid a 3rd party software could mess up with their server the best way can be to rout the traffic ( inbound and/or outbound ) through smarthosts placed in front of the exchange server.

    We do it the same way.



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