In our ongoing interview series, we talk with Axel Gerken of DownloadMix, about the the download market and trends in the trialware and shareware markets

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Major upgrade to VIRUSfighter and SPYWAREfighter released by SPAMfighter ApS.

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Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in version 6.1 to 6.3 of IBM Tivoli Directory Server, which could result in either denial of service or sensitive information disclosure (cleartext passwords) of compromised systems.

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A new report from cisco, The 2010 Annual Security Report, highlights the changing shift in focus of scammers and cyber-criminals away from Windows-based PCs towards other vulnerable devices, such as smart phone, tablet computers and other mobile devices. It should be required reading for all of those who have an interest in keeping their data safe and secure.

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A new report recently published highlights not only the danger you face of identity theft, but the ease by which someone can purchase your credit card and bank details online, showing both the sophistication of criminal gangs, but also the “” like ease you can buy that information.

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