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Top Ten Review – SLOW-PCfighter

With Spring upon us, it’s not just our homes we’ll be spring-cleaning: our PCs deserve some attention too. We’re offering a nice Spring discount, which will help us celebrate  a great review Top Ten Reviews gave us of our PC optimization product, SLOW-PCfighter. They said:

“We ran SLOW-PCfighter and it found and corrected more than 1400 errors in 1 min and 17 seconds.  It took our PC’s health from Bad to Very Good in a stunning short period of time.”

You can see the full video review of SLOW-PCfighter below (or directly on YouTube) or get a free spring clean error check, or get up to 33% off of SLOW-PCfighter for a limited time.

We’d love to hear your comments via the form below.

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About Justin Bellinger

Justin is an experienced software professional, having worked in software and software security for nearly 20 years. Justin is VP of Security Products at SPAMfighter.
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  1. Ernie Bell says:

    I reloaded my membership with you over a week ago, and although the Spamfighter econ is shown, no spam has appeared as having been caught since then. Is there something more I need to do? My membership goes until August, 2110. Ernie Bell

  2. veolia says:

    I have installed Windows 7 and immediatley run the program(some testing,HeHeHe) and it found 2045 errors. On a freshly installed system. it’s true.then i installed Symantec antivirus.surprisingly, when i rescanned my system, without fixing problems, it found less problems! also, a friend of my has that virusfighter program. He scanned his computer, No problems found. When he scanned it with Symantec antivirus(we have the same program) it found QUITE A FEW viruses and risks. So, unless you make really good programs, i will spread this and all your applications will be marked as: A misleading program that gives exaggerated reports of the computer.

    (My name is actually a bus company)

  3. veolia says:

    also when i deleted the errors, it deleted it in about 2 seconds. it was 634 MB and my disk speed is 200 MB SO THAT CAN NEVER BE TRUE. and why is that scan so Fast? i have a slow PC, So that program can never run that fast. Also, i’m missing an Linux version. Oh no never mind, linux has his own program to clean the computer. Don’t buy this crappy program, Windows has also it’s own program to clean the computer. it works fine.

    also, IF you use your computer as it should be, it cannot slow down. It can only slow down if users install these kind of programs.

  4. veolia says:

    My disk speed is 200 MB/S

  5. @Veolia

    Thanks for your comment and feedback.

    We think we DO provide excellent security software and utilities. Our VIRUSfighter product recently won the coveted VB100 award from Virus Bulletin magazine.

    With respect to SLOWPCfighter, it is highly probable that errors will be found on new install – where clean-up routines have failed, un-registered entries end up in the registry etc. The “errors found” for a clean install sound about right. I would expect much, much higher on an older system – which typically SLOWPCfighter is used on.

    You make some “statements’ about our programs without providing details we can test or recreate. If you think you can contribute constructively and honestly, we’d love to have your detailed input via our support folks at, who would be happy to look into the matter further.

    All the best,


    Justin Bellinger
    VP Products
    SPAMfighter ApS.

  6. @Ernie Bell

    Dear Ernie,

    Thanks for your comments, this is our blog, so I can’t really help you here. Please contact and one of our sales team will be happy to work out how to help you. I do, however, assume that you mean 2011, not 2110, as we don’t really sell a license that works that long!

    Kind Regards,


    Justin Bellinger
    VP Products
    SPAMfighter ApS.

  7. Heather Phillips says:

    Hi – sorry – this is the only way I can get through to you with my SlowPCFighter problem.
    My SlowPCFighter , which I HAVE PURCHASED(receipt/ref5852158)is now telling me that I have used up my 25 free trials and need to purchase???????. My screen also tells me there is an update available (so I am obviously registered with you) – I have tried to access the update through your web page as requested, but no result. All I get is that I need to purchase it, which I already have.
    I did try to access your support through the correct SlowPCFighter web page, and looked in ‘about’ for my ID, but it wasn’t there.Because it wasn’t there, I couldn’t get through using your ‘support’ form, which requires this ID.
    Please can you tell me what is happening?
    Again, apologies for having to access you this way but, as I am an elderly computer dummy, I couldn’t find any other way.
    Can you please send a reply DIRECTLY to my email address, as I really don’t know what this blog stuff is all about, or how to access it again for a reply.
    Thank you very much,
    Heather Phillips.

  8. @Heather Phillips

    Dear Heather,

    I’ve asked our sales folks to contact you direct to resolve your issue.

    Kind Regards,


  9. Juan Jannsen says:

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  10. Robert Lotter My Mobile Watchdog says:

    In searching for sites related to web hosting and specifically comparison hosting linux plan web, your site came up.

  11. Bevan Hogg says:

    like an idiot, I tried slowpc which is a scam. Now I am stuck with it as it will not uninstall, whenever I try to uninstall on the control panel, it just tries to INSTALL itself. Malwarebytes has not found a virus but it is as bad.

  12. Please go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and select the program, it will run the uninstall process and remove itself.

    I would be interested to know HOW you think SLOW-PCfighter is a scam? We are very proud of our registry maintenance product, and would like to know how to improve it, so if you have issues, please let us know.

    If you are experiencing any technical issues what-so-ever, please contact

  13. fay willcox says:

    I have slow pc fighter on my old computer which I am getting rid of It will be taken to the refuge . Can i put the near new slow pc fighter on my new laptop. I have only had it a few months.i don’t fancy buying another one.It worked lovely on my old machine but I;m afraid the old machine has died good and proper thanking you Fay

  14. Hi Fay Willcox
    Sorry to hear that you are getting rid of SLOW-PCfighter – but if you need help, please contact our support department:

    I’m sure that they can help you 🙂


  15. ranbhir says:

    slow pc-fighter has been deleted by smart screen filter how can i re install it?it say slow pc-fighter is not safe to install is.

  16. Patrick T. Rasmussen says:

    Hi Ranbhir

    If you get a warning saying “The program is unsafe to download and was blocked by the SmartScreen filter”:

    * Click on the “Show downloaded files” button. SLOW-PCfighter is at the top of the downloads list, with red words saying “This unsafe program was blocked by the SmartScreen filter”.
    * Right-click on the red text and choose “Download unsafe program”.
    * If the program does not run, then the red text will change to “Program was reported as unsafe by the SmartScreen filter”.
    * Right-click again on the red text and choose “Run anyway”.

    Hope this fix your problem otherwise let me know

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