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VIRUSfighter Android Released

We are very pleased to announce the birth of our latest version of VIRUSfighter, this one designed to keep your Android device safe and sound.VIRUSfighterForAndroid

We’ve spent many months crafting an Android solution that’s easy to use, easy on battery life and high on protection.

Key features are: we’ve kept it fast, lightweight and very easy to use and we’re updating signatures up to several times per day, depending on need.

Find out all about the product from the product home page.

Better yet, get VIRUSfighter Android for free from the Android Market.

We’d love to hear what you think.

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About Justin Bellinger

Justin is an experienced software professional, having worked in software and software security for nearly 20 years. Justin is VP of Security Products at SPAMfighter.
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  1. Abdul Razzaq says:

    Very fine achievement by Android , it will help to secure the android devices.

  2. jim Tanner says:

    I hope your application will go easy on the battery life! But at a first glance it looks like you made a wonderfull piece of software.

  3. Control Android says:

    Fantastic app!
    I have 2 question:
    – the app have the update?
    – is compatible with all version of android?

    Thank you!

  4. Dani C. says:

    I also posted in the other Android comment thread why having this Virusfighter is so important. My HTC EVO phone (Android OS) picked up malware. I’m not sure what app or whatever I downloaded that had the malware in it. That’s the problem when you download APK files. I had to zero out my phone with a factory reset, so upsetting cuz I lost everything but my contacts (which I could back up). Save yourself a huge headache and hassle and get this free Virusfighter. It’s free! I mean I would have paid for it, it’s that worth it to me. And it should be priceless to you if you have an Android device.

  5. android says:

    Will it have any effect on the performance on the phone as most virus have an effect on the on the computers.

  6. Falkner says:

    @Android. It is a very valid point and we keep the usage of resources as low as possible

  7. GROOK says:

    Android security is one of the new crucial things in my opinion. It is spreading exponentially and the source is open to everyone.
    I will download your app now

  8. m_george61 says:

    I haven’t tried any android antiviruses yet, but I think it’s about time to start. I hear more and more about android security problems and it’s better to be safe than sory.

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