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  1. Dave
    November 15, 2011

    Great tips, I will pass this on to my friends!

  2. Gideon Heller
    November 16, 2011

    Dear Sirs,
    I’m not using the Facebook very much. Thanks for your warnings
    G. Heller

  3. trent
    November 16, 2011

    good tips, a lot of people add heaps of friends they dont know just to get a benefit in the games. personally I got sick of the requests from people I don’t know leading me to simply delete my account.

  4. Noah Ava
    November 16, 2011

    Oh! These are informative tips. This is very useful for me and others. I will be carefully for hacking.
    Thanks for this sharing post.

  5. Linda
    November 17, 2011

    I am truly considering leaving Facebook. Lots of my family keep touch on here. I joined for that reason. We can share info about sick older family members and keep in touch easily. Why does a good thing like this have to be bad? We really cannot trust anymore. With the porn mess on this site I hate to think people have to be subjected to stuff like that.

  6. Jack Stanley
    November 17, 2011

    How about Google + for those of us who choose not to FB.

  7. Sandra
    November 18, 2011

    there are so many people on facebook who have many different accounts that you don’t know what’s real and who is trying to scam you, the advice above is a great starting point.

  8. Patrick T. Rasmussen
    November 18, 2011

    Hi Jack, we’ll soon post a similar blog entry about Google+ and Twitter

  9. Wim Eijkelenbergh
    November 22, 2011

    Ontzettend bedankt voor de adviezen c.q. raadgevingen

  10. bob
    November 22, 2011


    FaceBook and all the other social sites are for those who donot have real friends or speak eye to eye. In the speed of action all attention to detail is lost to greed. More More More information. Do we need this worldwide JUNK, NO we do not. But at least pay some more attention to the guidelines made by Spamfighter. Negatively one day your phone/computer/system will be hacked. So be carefull.

    Lets talk some more to each other face to face.

  11. nalin
    September 17, 2013

    This was an very beautiful piece of information. Though we do have so many security option very few people use them . I loved this blog and I will definitely share it with my friends and family members.

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