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How to Quickly Recover Deleted Files in Windows 7

Previous version feature of windows 7 is definitely a lifesaver as it can quickly recover and restore damaged and deleted files.

Deleted Files

Windows 7 is definitely quick in boot up and shut down time and operating performance. Besides, it offers users an additional feature of quickly recovering deleted files.

This additional feature of windows 7 is called as restoring previous versions. Generally, these previous versions are either replicas of documents created by Windows 7 backup or document that windows 7 stores automatically as part of a restore point.

This new feature of windows 7 allows users to restore their previous versions of files and folders or any other data that was corrupted or deleted. Depending upon the type of file, users can simply save their files and documents to different location and can even restore them.

Furthermore, any of the documents that are screened by system restore can be recovered, if the user’s system restore is enabled in any division or computer drive and has created a restore point prior to the modification of a file.

Further, to instantly recover documents using windows 7 previous version feature, users just need to simply open any Explorer window and right click on the file or folder they want to restore. Afterwards, users should select the option of “Restore Previous Versions.”  For example, if users mistakenly deleted a file from My Documents folder, then they should browse to that particular folder and open previous versions from it. 

However, users should note that this will only appear on files and folders and is not applicable for libraries or system drives.

After clicking on the option of ‘Restore previous versions’, users will see a list of accessible previous versions of the documents. The list will contain all the files stored on a backup (if users are using Windows Backup feature to back up files) along with restore points in windows 7.

But prior to restoring the previous version users should select the version first and click on Open and windows 7 will itself display all the previous copies of the folder that are accessible.  This way, users can check that whether the version of the folder they want to restore is correct.

After the users have ensured that it’s the correct version, they just need to click on the restore option and the file and the file will be restored to its initial location.

However, users should note that if their current document is not available in some other restore point and they have not copied it somewhere else for back up, then they cannot recover it. Further, Windows 7 will inform users that this action can’t be done.

After the completion of restoration, a success message will be displayed on the computer screen. Users should click on ‘OK’ to end it and then check the contents by navigating through the folder that whether files have been recovered.

Finally, this makes Windows 7 System Restore free from the requirement of complete system restore. Thus, Previous Versions feature is surely beneficial.

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  1. ann smith says:

    I will certainly bookmark your site. thanks for this very useful information.

  2. online practise test says:

    loosing our important data is very depressing. I know how to recover date on Windows Xp but not know to recover on Windows 7. thanks for shearing it.

  3. Bram says:

    To restore files from a backup

    1.Open Backup and Restore by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking Backup and Restore.
    2. Click Restore my files, and then follow the steps in the wizard.

  4. Joseph says:

    Restoring the previous deleted files and folders in Windows7 is very easy and less time consuming. By just right clicking on the deleted file and selecting the restore option is the solution to it. You know what? I read all the above info about Windows7 and I keep flaunting in front of my friends and my parents with all the latest tips that I know. Everybody feels that I am a complete computer freak and I know everything about computers.

  5. Jackson says:

    Hi, I tried going for the restoring option on windows7 in my PC but it did not restore my deleted files. Actually I wanted to try this option on my windows7 and for that I actually deleted one of my project file. But now I am really scared. Please suggest me an option to get my project back quickly. Though I have already submitted that project in college, but to be on a safer side I want to have a soft copy of it.

  6. Hi Jackson,

    Restoring Windows won’t help you with this problem, but try and seach for “Recover deleted files” on 🙂

    Right now we dont have a program that recovers deleted files

    Best regards
    Patrick T. Rasmussen

  7. Michael Jones says:

    Oh my god thank you so much for recommending “restore previous versions” I was backing up some university information when I deleted my original files and backed up corrupted files, I was devastated lol till I came across this post! thank you!

  8. flor says:

    How do i recover files after my laptop has reformatted (window 7, i have an HP Laptop)
    my computer is back to when i first got it. and my files, movies, music, pics, are gone… i dont care so much about the programs cause i can always donwnload them again, but the photos and family vids are important…
    pls help….
    flor from the block

  9. Bijo says:

    Recovering the deleted files from its folders is possible as we may find them in the Recycle bin. But I am unable to understand that how is it possible to recover the deleted files once they are deleted even from the recycle bin. I want to try this but I can’t as I think that even if I give it a try and if the file is not recovered then I will permanently loose all the data from my computer.

  10. Falkner says:

    Hi Bijo@termite phoenix

    There are special “undelete software” out there that can some times bring a file back even though it is deleted from the Recycle Bin. The problem is that if you in the meantime have created new files on your hard disk or even just booted your PC then the deleted files that you want to recover may have been replaced by the new files. There is not any special “undelete software” out there i would say thumps up for. Maybe we here at SPAMfighter should do our own?

  11. Yes even I have a doubt in my mind as I was surprised to read that windows7 is come up with something that will recover all the deleted files. It sounds surprising. I am using windows7 now from quite a long time but I just keep wondering that if the above said thing is true then why I did not come to know about it? And if it’s true then everybody will surely not like the older versions now.

  12. Emily says:

    It is truly an amazing experience to work with windows7. I am too use to it now. Even if you ask me to switch on to another version which will be exactly the same like windows7, I will still not agree to it and will not quit using windows7. It’s indeed a very good tool to make your task to be completed in the fastest way and also lets you to save a lot of time and work with ease. Also the “recovering the deleted files” option is an added advantage to it.

  13. Terry says:

    Windows7 has a strong backup facility which stores all the deleted files and folders in another file which generally only the system can access. Once the deleted files and folders are requested for backup from the user, the operating system accepts the approval and sends back the files requested to the user. This is how it works. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

  14. Jody says:

    Windows7 has got exceptionally good features and also it is amazing with all its backup power it guarantees you of recovery of all the deleted files and folders or even of those which unknowingly got deleted from your computer. Just one right click and then ‘restore deleted files and folders’. In case you have mistakenly deleted a folder from my documents then you should click on the folder deleted after browsing on it and then click on open previous versions.

  15. Jordan Xiong says:

    The option of restore previous versions was there also in the older version of windows the only thing is that now you have the option visible to everybody and previously it used to be hidden into some software’s. That’s the only difference. But yes now the users are much comfortable using the new one as they are aware of its uses.

  16. David says:

    Windows7 is the latest and the best versions till yet. It’s because of windows7 that the processing speed of the computer has increased drastically. Also before the introduction of this version, windows used to consume a lot of time to open but now it hardly requires 60 seconds to open up. The users are quite happy with the launch of this version.

  17. Robert Karen says:

    I have also used Windows 7 and found it very useful as compared to Windows XP and Vista.It provides very outstanding features that makes it a very interactive OS to use.I am really a fan of Windows 7 and in Linux i like Ubuntu very much. I recoomend all of you to use Ubuntu also.Its much like Windows 7 and so easy.

  18. Kristi says:

    Thank you for this info. I’ve been looking everywhere for a way to get my pictures back after malware required a system recovery. After that there were just empty folders. I am so happy to have them back!!

  19. Robb says:

    This will definitely come in handy should I lose any important files. Thanks for the information.

  20. Helton says:

    I just keep getting the message “There are no previous versions available”. Does this work on all files, or only system files? If only system files that is probably the cause.

  21. alinejas says:

    Afterwards, users should select the option of “Restore Previous Versions.

  22. bong says:

    Thanks so much man!!
    I recovered 12.5gb of downloaded apps from samsung apps.
    I just reinstalled my kies using the latest version from the samsung wbesite and the stupid kies program overwrote my kies download folder whihc already had 12.5gb of apps on it!
    Thanks for this post i never knew that windows 7 has a folder recovery feature!
    Now im going to berate those programmers at samsung!

  23. Baruch says:

    Great blog I would recommended this to my friends keep up the great work.

  24. Testking 1Y0-A21 says:

    This new have of windows 7 allows users to change their old versions of files and folders or any added aggregation that was corrupt or deleted.

  25. How to Retrieve Deleted Files says:

    There are many ways that a file can be accidentally deleted from your computer system, be it through formatting (slow or quick format), the DEL, SHIFT+DEL commands or incomplete “Cut+ PASTE” command.

  26. Taylor David says:

    I just remembered my experience that I accidentally deleted my important files and I never thought there would be great ways to solve my problems. I’m glad that I found your blog because it helps me.

  27. Don says:

    I originally began with windows vista , then i upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate . Recently I did a system restore and it went back to Vista , this was an unwanted action. All of my files were deleted and im currently using Easeus Data Recovery Wizard and I have the files recovered but they wont work properly , none of the mp3’s play in windows media player , none of the images will show up, Could this problem be that i need to go back to Windows 7 or is there no hope for me ??

  28. Charles says:

    I was searching for this info all night, thanks a lot!

  29. computer says:

    I originally began with windows vista , then i upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate . Recently I did a system restore and it went back to Vista , this was an unwanted action. All of my files were deleted and im currently using Easeus Data Recovery Wizard and I have the files recovered but they wont work properly , none of the mp3′s play in windows media player , none of the images will show up, Could this problem be that i need to go back to Windows 7 or is there no hope for me ??

  30. Limit Kid's Computer Tim says:

    I originally began with windows vista , then i upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate . Recently I did a system restore and it went back to Vista , this was an unwanted action. All of my files were deleted and im currently using Easeus Data Recovery Wizard and I have the files recovered but they wont work properly , none of the mp3′s play in windows media player , none of the images will show up, Could this problem be that i need to go back to Windows 7 or is there no hope for me ??I was searching for this info all night, thanks a lot!

  31. Asoftech Data Recovery says:

    Hope that you can recover deleted files from Windows 7 with methods described in the article. However, if above does not work, you can still try data recovery software.

  32. Sour coating says:

    Can i just say thank you so much for this! i was almost trembling in fear of not finding my files anymore.

  33. Brampton Plumber says:

    Great article on how to quickly recover deleted files in Windows 7, your blog really helped me out. Thanks.

  34. Raj says:

    @Computer: Yes if u formatted your pc and want to recover previous data from other window then you have to do one just go to control panel and there is a option about recovery — click on that there are some options that you want to recover 5 mint before and 1 month. If u have formatted ur pc before 1 month then it is not possible to get back the deleted file…If less than one month then u can get all deleted data. If u face any problem during this scenario please mail me. I will help You.


  35. Aadi says:

    Thanks For This Post my file Was Recovered

  36. Meka says:

    Hi all
    Thanks a lot, Terry, Jody and others for pointing me to the right path.
    On short, a deleted my entire content of user profile. More than 50Gb of documents, mails, settings for licensed application and so on. I tried to recover them using advanced tools for recovering like, Recuva, Undelete 360, Pandora Recovery, Paragon Recue and so on. I tried first this kind of tools because I was afraid that windows system recovery would alter the deleted files and make even harder their recovery. I tried them all and non of them was able to restore all my files. In best cases only a part of files were recovered and many of them corrupted. I Guess the main reason for their fail is that OS somehow takes control of delete files in order to may restore them.

    Anyway, the point is that this thread pointed me to use windows recovery. I mean “Restore from previous versions” by simply right clicking on the folder. Although I’m not a fan of Microsoft OSs, Windows 7 surprised me and seems that it can recover my lost files. huh

  37. Michelle Jackson says:

    Hi, I accidentally deleted Microsoft Word from my computer will restoring it to its previous versions get it back?

  38. Ashley J.Oliver says:

    I have always felt that recovering deleted files is a last-ditch measure. They might be corrupted for all you know, for example, which in some ways is worse than losing the file entirely. You really should backup your work, you really should. Recover Data For Windows allows you to find and recover recoverable deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes, regardless of their type – you can recover pictures, songs, movies or documents. Recover Data for Windows will scan your hard drive and build an index of existing and deleted files and directories (folders) on any logical drive of your computer with supported file format. For a trial you can Search for Recover data tools

  39. Gary Wolff says:

    Thanks a lot. This technique worked like a charm! Didn’t know you could do that w/ Windows 7.

  40. I had a few files stored in my previous computer which was win XP and I bought a new laptop a few days back which has windows 8.. The reason for new laptop was, the previous one got corrupted and it refuzed to start..
    Some how with the help of youtube tutorials, I managed to recover files and store it on my new but the problem started when half of my files were not accessible. Whenever I tried to open them, they showed format error.. I dont know whats wrong with them.. LUckily I have thrown away my hard disk.. I want to know if there is any software which will not give me such error if I try it again? Software which looks promising includes Stellar Phoenix from Let me know your feedback.. Its not urgent but sooner the better..

  41. Angel marino says:

    To quick recover deleted files from windows 7, I have used advanced program, Its name is Kernel for Windows Data Recovery

  42. Daniel says:

    I have Windows 7 and I moved some items from “my documents” into another folder. Without going into detail, I needed them back in my documents, so I moved them back but they are corrupted, changed, renamed, etc… When I try to right-click in “my documents” I have no ‘Restore Previous Versions’ option.

  43. Daniel says:

    Oops – Apologies – I just read the part about it not working for folders in “libraries.” Unfortunately, my documents is under Libraries.

  44. Vusi says:

    Hi there. . . Am having a huge problem. Am using windows 7, with a harddrive of 698Gb, i had lots of file in it, with 39.8Gb free space such as (My music project, movies, pics, documents, music and lot more) So now i used someone’s memory stick, then my Computer got infected by virus. I tried to recover it by not formatting. By doing that, i tried to go back to my previous files on my WindowsOld00. Unfortunately everything was gone… My harddrive shows that my things are still there, but they not showing.. Even i unhide the hidden files, still nothing Please please help!!!! 🙁

  45. 3 a says:

    i don’t know which folders I deleted on C: what should I do?

  46. crewjames21 says:

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    Thanks for sharing such an useful information about the product. However, Remo Recover tool is worth enough to recover images from damaged SD card.

  47. beaven says:

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  48. sudarsan says:

    actually i have lost my nbu file…can i restore this file …..plse reply on my email…it is immportant…..please reply….thanks for advice

  49. aayat xara says:

    i m unable to recover my data coz i do windows 2 times now i m trying to get back data of 1st window but can’t do it some 1 plz help meeeeee

  50. milana says:

    I have accidently erased everything on my windows7 while installing a software. I have not done my back up . pls tell me how can I get my files back. what step should I take? pls help

  51. Akshay says:

    I intentionally deleted some photos from my drive but later realized to get them back…. your article really helped me out. Thanks a lot.

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  53. arab wake says:

    thanks for sharing but my in my pc restore point havent been created in computer drive so how i can get my computer back

  54. patrick says:

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  55. Krishna says:

    I didn’t get any file on previous version so how can I fix now? Can you someone give advice pls.

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  62. harsh says:

    Hi, my computer just crashed and wont start, I was advised to use Windows 7 Disk to fix errors.

    After this the computer is on, however all my files current to August 2014 have disappeared. All files prior to August 2014 are still there thankfully.

    Is there any way to recover the lost files of last 2-years? Thank you for your help guys

  63. Markmohan says:

    Hi, Thank you

  64. Rogerson says:

    Long Path Fixer presents you with a simple list of files and folders in the current directory (including “hidden” files and folders). You can drag and drop files or folders onto it and it will navigate directly to path of whatever you dropped.

  65. ram says:

    HOW to recovery deleted a folder and also corrupted folder.plz guide me

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  70. Gift says:

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  71. Sam @ BMRT says:

    I’ll certainly bookmark your website. Many thanks for this very helpful information. But, how do you recover files after your laptop had been reformatted (32-bit Window 7, Acer Laptop)?

  72. S. Byrnes says:

    This is such a handy trick that I would gladly tell my friends. They always complain about losing files, and now I can tell them how to restore them. Thank you for this article!

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