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70 billion spam mails blocked

70 billion mailsLast week we hit a milestone at SPAMfighter. Our first software product, the SPAMfighter anti spam filter reached blocked spam messages for our community.

An easier way to digest the large number of spam mails can be shown by looking at it a little more in depth.

Our 10 year anniversary is coming up at the end of this week (yaaay) but we didn’t start tracking general statistics before 2006.

To break that huge number down, it can be displayed like this:

Spam mails blocked by SPAMfighter since 2006

Total Blocked:
Every Year:
Every Month: 833.333.333
Every Week: 192.307.692
Every Day: 27.472.527
Every Hour: 1.144.688
Every Minute: 19.078
Every Second: 318

318 spam mails have been blocked by SPAMfighter’s anti spam filter every second for 7 years straight.

Those numbers can be overwhelming but another aspect is the storage size of these spam emails.

A regular mail with 80-words is around 10 KB. Those 10 KB x spam mails = 700.000.000.000 KB or 667.572 GB or 652 TB.

That’s 652 of these bad boys:

1 TB Storage

…or about 12.000.000 digital copies of Michael Jackson’s thriller (which sold 104 million copies worldwide)

Thriller Album Cover

That’s a lot of data being blocked and we hope you appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping your inboxes clean and safe.

Are there any other cool statistics you’d like us to dig up?

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