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Anne Hathaway diet spam

Anne HathawayWell, she is not using spam as a diet but do read on! Some say it’s tough times for Anne Hathaway out there. The good part is that she won  a Golden Globe and she is nominated for an Oscar but apparently also on the hate list of a lot of people. It’s not like that she is cruel to animals or anything but for some reason the Internet is crammed with articles reacting negatively to her.

Just try googling or search Twitter for “Anne Hathaway annoying” or “hate Anne Hathaway”. You would be surprised of the amount and the tone of voice.

A lot of articles are discussing why she appears on those hate lists. We do not like bullying on the internet and simply won’t link to any of the hatefull blog entries or tweets but you can read some of the speculations of what has caused all that anger against her here and here and here.

Some people seems annoyed of her ability to loose weight for her Oscar nominated role ‘Les Miserables’ or her likewise thin and sultry role in Batman: The dark knight rises.

Spammers have noticed her weightloss and are right now firing Anne Hathaway diet spam and she becomes the latest  victim of  celebrity spam and joins a long list of celebrities being misused by spammers. Remember Charlie Sheen spam, anyone?

One of the spam mails says “Anne Hathaway lose weight free sample” but strangely also mentions Oprah Winfrey.


This Anne Hathaway spam mail is rather short and contains a link to a site which at the time of writing this do not respond.


So we cannot really tell what is going on on that particular site but we of cource cannot recommend reacting to such mails. Just delete them if your favourite spam filter missed them. We can however provide a list of subject fields from Anne Hathaway spam mails:

  • Rapid-Fire Fitness: Anne Hathaway
  • Anne Hathaway did it
  • Anne Hathaway Lost 48 lb
  • Anne Hathaway Lost 46 lbs
  • Anne Hathaway 55 lbs
  • Anne Hathaway Lost 54 pounds
  • Anne Hathaway secret
  • Anne Hathaway diet or scam?
  • Who lost weight? Anne Hathaway
  • weight loss Anne Hathaway
  • Check out how Anne Hathaway did it
  • Fox Special: Anne Hathaway

There are quite a few of those Anne Hathaway diet spam mails out there but they all got caught by SPAMfighter.

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