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Build your own app spam

With the influx of resources and investments into the mobile and app business it was only a matter of time before the bad guys started to wonder how they could make a bit of money. The concepts of fake apps, clone apps and apps holding malware have of cource been around for some time. The different app stores put a lot of ressources into removing such apps and lots of apps are already out there for removing malware on mobile units and tablets. That is not newsworthy and already history.

But now we are seeing “build your own app” spam which we really haven’t noticed before. The mail simply consist of a large piece of graphics so it should not be that difficult for a decent spam filter to sort it out. Let’s have a look:

create app spam

The spam mail was sent to a fair amount of people according to our backend statistics and it had a link for a site just holding ads but no malware at the time of investigation. You can’t help wondering that such a mail might be interesting for a lot of people considering the success stories of some apps so they also want to jump the bandwagon.

Actually it is a bit like penny stock spam  and other get rich schemes which we are also seeing a vast amount of right now. Here is one of the many “Biostem US Corp” spam mails currently flooding our spam filters. Someone is clearly trying to play the market here and are hoping for a stock market rise for Biostem:


Anyway the “build your own app” spam mail and all the Biostem spam mails got nicely caught by SPAMfighter.

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