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Buying e-mail lists? Not such a good idea!

We get a lot of unsolicited mails from companies tries to lure us into buying e-mail lists. We have never signed up for receiving such mails and since they flood our community spam filter and everybody reports them in the SPAMfighter community filter then we think it is very safe to say it is spam.

They all seem to follow the same formula. The mails  are very simple and promote large lists of employees from certain companies. Most lists are devided into industries and/or jobtitles You can see a few examples below but there are literally hundreds of versions:




All these mails are sent from Companies with names like “DataFinder Inc“,  “ADP-DB“, “Email & Data Services“, “Business Prospect Segment“, “Prospectsol“, “HP-DB“. On closer inspection most of them appears to be ghosts on the internet and very little information is optainable.

There are at least three strong reasons why you should not be buying e-mail lists:

1) It’s spammy

No reason to follow up on that argument….

2) It will harm your e-mail deliverability
Those e-mail lists you buy might very well contain “honeypots”. A honeypot is fake e-mail appearing a place on the Internet where it can easily be picked up by companies selling e-mail lists. If such an e-mail start receiving e-mails then it is logical that the mail sent is unsolicited. Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and others are very well observant of such behavior.

3)  It’s going to backfire
If you start buying e-mail lists and sending such mails it’s definately going go spread to social networks, fora discussing such spam and maybe blogs like this one your are reading right now. And in the end it’s going to hurt your business one way or another.

If you are annoyed by such spam mail selling e-mail lists then of cource you could equip your inbox with our spam filter for Outlook or SPAMfighter Exchange Module for blocking spam for Exchange Server.

Exchange server spam filter

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