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Dr. Oz Spam is fattening our spam filters

Right now Dr. Oz spam seems to top our spam filters. It seems Dr. Oz spammers are all over the place and that they have declared war on overweight and our inboxes flooding them with diet spam. Guess what – we have declared war on Dr. Oz spam!

Maybe you are not familiar with Dr. Oz? He began his TV career in 2004 on the The Oprah Winfrey Show, and later on Larry King Live and some other TV programs. His own show  – The Dr. Oz Show –  a daily television program on personal health was launched in 2009. With that sort of platforms he quickly became a popular figure and even reached a list called “75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century” in Esquire magazine.

The spam mails we checked aren’t of cource actually being sent by Dr. Oz or anyone connected to his production company. In fact he is very clear on not endorsing any specific products. You can read his statement on that here.  Spammers are simply piggybacking on his fame and exploiting an overwhelming interest in diets and weight control. So Dr. Oz spam mixes a lot of well-known spam tactics.

Here are a few examples:

Dr. Oz obese people spam:

dr. oz spam obese

 Dr. Oz special offer spam

dr. oz special offer spam

Dr. Oz newsletter spam

dr. oz newsletter spam

Dr. Oz fat burner spam

dr. oz fat burner spam

Dr. OZ newsletter spam

dr. oz newsletter spamming

We had a closer look at some of those spam mails. They all linked to .ru domains with sites selling all kinds of medicaments. None of the sites we checked holded any malware but stay out of those sites of cource. And do not try to unsubscribe such spam mails btw. That will only tell spammers that your mailbox is alive and kicking. Instead use a spam filter like SPAMfighter for Outlook or Thunderbird or have a look at our server spam filters for businesses!

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  1. Eric says:

    Dr. Oz’s spam is really pissing me off. I would never ever ever buy a product through such email scams so why else do these guys work other but to irritate netizens?

  2. Some people are unfortunately not as clever as you Eric.

    It’s a million dollar industry and a small fortune to be made if even only 0.02% of all receivers fall for it.

  3. Anngie says:

    The bigger question is, will these spammers honor the consumer rights act and remove your name from their spam list when you click Unsubscribe, or will they use that to confirm an active email address?

  4. Kim Falkner says:

    This is 100% spam. Do not try and unsubscribe because it will let them know your e-mail address is valid.

  5. Dave says:

    Looks like Dr. Oz has failed miserably when it comes to protecting his trademark! If spammers were using my name for their campaigns, I would go after them. Guess he’s not because it’s routing some traffic to his own website?

  6. Dave says:

    I had another spam a few weeks ago from Received about three emails a day. every day from various Aol addresses. you can spam one but they just use another aol email address the next time. I had un-subscribed many times. I had contacted them and their response was to say please un-subscribe. I told them… if they keep it up…. I will put their web site on complaint sites one in particular Rip off report. nothing! I have used ripoff report in the past for an automotive garage that had ripped me off so I put it on rip off report and next thing you know… the garage was calling me offering a refund. Unfortunately on rip off report… it is permanent! I hear it can hurt a business. Anyway… the spam emails from the above website had stopped about a day after doing this!!! 🙂 If BBB (which they seem to help businesses and not consumers) wont help you! this might be a better solution!

  7. Angeolena says:

    Why can’t the FDA stop this “hawker”? He will sell anything for money. The scammers know this
    and take advantage of it. Oz is an insult to the medical field and he does not care.

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