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Facebook Scam related to the death of Amy Winehouse

Facebook scam

There is a new battle in the fight against spam, that is eerily similar to previous title bouts. Today’s round is dedicated to the death of Amy Winehouse. Spammers catch on to the latest trends in news and gossip to make their links extra enticing for people! This Facebook link scam states that if you click, you will see video of Amy Winehouse on crack right before she died. “Amy Winehouse is dead!! Leaked Video!!” is the message you will see.

As with most Facebook scams, as soon as you click on it, the link will then post to your wall, and you will spread the spam to all of the your friends, who may also be enticed to click. It will then redirect you to a survey site, which is how it makes money from YOUR curiosity!

Under any true video that has been linked or uploaded from a friend, there is a little filmstrip icon next to the “posted 4 seconds ago”, showing you that this is a video that has been embedded within Facebook, and is not a “fake video”.

Always be cautious when clicking links within Facebook. Especially if the video description is over the top, Google it first and find out if there really is a video out there. When you see your friends fall for it, make sure to leave a comment on their wall that they have clicked on spam and they need to take action to remove it. If you did fall for it, make sure to change your password, and delete it from your own wall.

Thank you to our friends from ChicaLogic for this blog posting

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