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FRONTIERfighter Upgrade and Outage

As part of SPAMfighter’s ongoing improvements to our products and services, FRONTIERfighter, our cloud-based spam and virus filtration service, will be upgraded and renamed SPAMfighter Cloud.

This upgrade is more than just a name, however, and we’ll need to upgrade our back-end services to deliver on the future of cloud-based mail filtration, this will result in some small downtime, during which the service will be unavailable.

The planned downtime is ~20 minutes to half-an-hour and is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday 13th June) at 10AM CET (Central European Time). During that time mail filtration will not be available.

We apologise, in advance, for the inconvenience this will cause, but we hope the new and improved service (more details of which will be announced soon) will make the small amount of time the service is unavailable well worth it.

SPAMfighter Cloud is the new name for FRONTIERfighter and we’ll be making big announcements for this service in the coming weeks.

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