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How do you guys at SPAMfighter handle all that annoying spam?

Mountains of SPAM

One of the questions we get often is how we handle all the spam and make sure our anti spam network performs fast.  It is actually a very relevant question since we sort out millions of spam mails each day.  In order to sort the good ham from the bad spam we have a network of servers located around the globe.

The idea behind SPAMfighter is that when you press the “Block” button to indicate an email as spam (and enough SPAMfighter users agree with your verdict) then the spam mail is quickly removed from the inbox of all SPAMfighter users.  If performance were slow or too many spam mails made it through to your inbox it wouldn’t surprise us if you decided to uninstall SPAMfighter right away.

Since we have anti spam users in some 228 countries (still waiting for users from North Korea for some reason?)  we’re not able to host all the servers in our garage. As much as our accountant wishes we would, we wouldn’t be able to effectively service locales such as Australia, Japan, Canada etc. without having a network of servers placed strategically near all of our users. In the map below you can see where these servers are placed. Please wait a few seconds (The map service used here is unfortunately not as fast as our servers)


The mail you love having checked for spam is being processed at the closest SPAMfighter server which we’re constantly monitoring in order to keep things running smoothly. We do not see ourselves as being (especially) pompous but in a bright moment we came up with a slick name for the whole setup, The SPAMfighter Classification Network. You can read more about the concept of the SPAMfighter Classification network here and see a status of each server. There are some nice colour coded graphics that might grab your attention if you are a bit nerdy. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

So is this only network serving the SPAMfighter users? Nope, we also produce anti spam for servers. Amongst the most popular is spam filter for Exchange server and our hosted spam filter which also relies on our Classification Network. What can you do to help us? Please report if SPAMfighter is not performing satisfactorily in your area and we will work our pants off to speed things up. We might even put up a new server in your area! You might also join the movement against spam by joining our Facebook fan page.

Thank you to the nice guys from Multiplottr for the map creation tool btw.

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