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Job spam – Exposing the fake job scammers

After our ventures into revealing the Whirl Wind Software fake software scam and the Google Earth scam we now turn our attention to another annoyance –  fake job spam. Yesterday SPAMfighter blocked 1.829.860 spam mails with the subject field “Administrative Sales Support – Virtual Office”.  Similar subject lines such as, “Current Vacancy”, “Working Part Time” and “Get a New Job Today” have been flooding our SPAMfighter spam filters as well.

You do not have to be a genius to figure out why spammers have turned their evil efforts towards job spam. The current economical crisis has resulted in the lowest global unemployment rates we have seen in recent times and made it an obvious topic for spammers to take advantage of . Interestingly we have also noticed a decrease in Rolex spam, travel spam and the type of spam promoting luxury goods. Who cares about Rolex watches right now with the Occupy Wall Street movement, or the situation in Greece, Italy and Spain  [Editor – other than the 1%] ?  Like art reflecting life, it seems that spam mail is reflecting state of the economy!

The big question is whether  spammers are going for your wallet or your identity, or do you really have a shot at landing your dream job by answering job spam?  The headline of this blog entry pretty much says it all but let’s have a look anyway. First of all, there are the tons of different job spam mails flooding inboxes. The mails all seem to use the same few templates but spammers are varying their identities as well as the job titles. The job opportunities seem to be from a large company with many assistant HR directors. In fact, we have seem at least 50 different assistant HR Directors. Here is one of the job spam mails from assistant HR Director Scottie Michael.

Mystery shopper? The mystery here is how they found us in the “internet resources”. Fortunately, the mails are pretty easily caught by spam filters although spammers are trying to get around this with traditional spammer tricks, such as Self sending spam where the recipient’s name is used as the sender to trick the recipient into believing the mail was sent to herself.  

The only way to apply for this job is by writing to Scottie at his @careerinhubs email address. Not much to say about that domain other than the fact that our check indicates that it was registered only three days ago! We have seen domains like, and used the same way in previous emails and we are pretty sure it is the same job spammers.

We went on a limb and decided to contact the spammers anonymously. Not that we don’t like our jobs with SPAMfighter but the investigation called for action. We generally don’t encourage you to contact spammers but went ahead for the sake of the experiment. We replied to two of these mails received similar responses.


The email contained at application form and we nervously opened it (with SPYWAREfighter active and a closed Internet connection).  Luckily, there was no malware to be found, but lo and behold, the application form requests your bank account number and another reply even requested our passport number!  Just a little odd seeing as how we do not know a thing about the job in question nor have we accepted the opening.

We asked why they needed our bank account # and why we could not find any mentions of the company via internet searches. We never received answers, but instead they kept asking us for our bank account information. 

We kept the communication going on for a while but it always ended up with us having to supply our bank account number. See below:

You can bet that if they get your bank account number all hell will breake loose.  And we wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually started asking you for money instead. You know, the nigerian scam variant of luring your money away. Anyway, thats all for now folks. Here is some general advice on job scams:

Generel tips to avoid job spam:

1. Use a spam filter of course. That will keep the =)/&%% job spam away.
2. Google the job name, the company name and anything else that can be used to identify the sender.
3. Be aware of forms asking for your personal information like bank account and passport numbers.
4. Be rational. Unless you’ve been actively applying for jobs, it’s unlikely someone is going to find you in the “internet resources” and offer you an amazing job.

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  1. Lauren B. says:

    I always get the mystery shopper job spam emails along with other job spam. As if an employer would email you and have a too good to be true job to offer you via email but would need your banking info straight away to pay you before they even hire you? Do people fall for this? I guess the answer is yes, unfortunately. Thanks for pointing out how bad these types of spam are.

  2. Karen says:

    Here is a job scam bank scam email I got today. You only have to work 1/2 hour a day – yeah right!
    This is Sciencetech Inc located in Canada, We are scientific instrument
    designers and manufacturers specializing in optics. We are looking for a sales representatives in your area. This person will be helping us in payment processing from our customers in the United States of America and Canada, expected to work at home.


    Our Mission is to serve the New Product Development market in the field of Optics and Spectroscopy with dedication, integrity, and excellence.


    1. Receive payment from Customers
    2. Monitoring Products and Information’s from Customers.
    3. You are entitled to 15% (percentage) on every Payment processed.


    1: English proficient
    2: Must be over 18 years Old.
    3: Must have not crime record
    4: Must have a legit bank account.
    5: Must be able to come online at least 30 minutes daily.

    If you are interested reply back with your RESUME plus full name, address and telephone number to contact you. Remember you must have a legit bank account in US.

  3. Greg says:

    I just recieved an e-mail with the exact same verbage but a different name: Erica Stone. I guess Scottie got fired as she claims to be the assistant HR director, too.

  4. Falkner says:

    More of the same stuff. They seem to be promoting “Virtual assistant” jobs right now. Here is a snippet from one of the mails:

    Great company represented in 32 countries worldwide is seeking a Customer Service Representative.
    This is a temporary position with the great opportunity of going permanent.
    The responsibilities are as follows: assist to work with existing clients, arrange and assure preparation,
    final inspection, timely implementation of orders as well as all related documentation and paperwork.

  5. IT Recruitment Manchester says:

    Oh God! There are so many of these! As you can probably imagine, I see a lot of them. Are so many people so gullible that they still get taken in by them?

  6. Shelly says:

    I’m not sure if this job is a scam or not. The interview was done over Yahoo Messenger and they said they will mail me my hire documents to sign. They have not asked for any personal information other than what is on my resume that anyone could see. I am a bit unsure of how legitimate this is.

  7. Toni says:

    Beware!! 1-904-414-6808 number is not a legitimate phone number for Innovative Systems Inc or isys in Jacksonville Fla. It’s used as a front to appear legitimate on a website they just registered on 11/11/2014 at on the Vooservers hosting account in the UK that’s hosted numerous bogus webdesign, graphics, printing etc business websites for them so they can operate a “work from home employment scam” to get unsuspecting new “employees” SS numbers and bank account info in order to deposit stolen money and get them to withdraw the cash and wire the cash money to the Czech Republic or other country overseas.

    Tip: They use the same webpanel that employees “work” from on all their fake websites and the isys one can be found at and they are using the actual name of the registered agent for the real Innovative Systems company -Ann Bergman! The legitimate phone number is 904-367-0355.

    The last job scam they ran was for Alphagraphics Inc in Jacksonville Fla. in Oct and Nov 2014 and the phone # they used was 904-638-9119 The website they set up was
    and the “webpanel” address was working under the name of Kent Brooks who has a strong foreign accent.

    They are getting resumes off of job sites like and and sending emails to actual job seekers to offer a Customer Service Manager “work from home” position. This is how they find their unsuspecting mules.

  8. phil Humphries says:

    Yes they conned me, now my bank is investigating me, not happy, ( it was too good to be true lol )

  9. Tony says:

    +1 (904) 414-6808

    This is a scam and Ann Bergman does not exist.

  10. anthony says:

    so im not getting paid ? phil how many times did you transfer money ?

  11. phil says:

    only did one transfer lol the bank has now closed my account. have to go and open another one today

  12. anthony says:

    did you go to the police ? did you get paid ? lol

  13. anthony says:

    how much did you transfer and were did you send it ?

  14. phil says:

    will go to police soon I transferd £1890.00 to russa

  15. anthony says:

    Have you spoke to ann bergman since ? proper gutting was hoping to get paid today !!!

  16. phil says:

    never spoken to her, where do you live? ann dose not exist

  17. anthony says:

    have you messaged the person acting as ann bergman since ? England you?

  18. phil says:

    yes but no reply

  19. Ivan says:

    It seems I’m another fool that was cheated. I’m from Bulgaria and I talked to Ann Bergman once, she introduced herself, etc. She used to give me tasks on daily basis /marketing researches mostly/ and on December, 5th she disappeared suddenly. I tried to log in the web panel yesterday and of course the server was not found neither their corporate website. I know I’m not going to get a dime but thanks God I’ve never transferred money to anyone. The positive is that I learned my lesson but I’m now wondering if there’s a way to make those bastards pay?

  20. Rasmus says:

    Hello to all,
    I read about this Ann Bergam and I can’t find any more the website/panel where Ann is make me to lose my job before new year for work like Regional Representative in UK.

    After one month I get one ” job ” to send in Ukraine money. After I send all money, I been out from server and I can’t reply them or have ensure from this email what I hope it to continue with, the contract I have it.
    Now I need to look for new job but is very hard to find in UK special with no hope when I am from different country.
    I wish this people to go in prison or to stop them for ever.
    All this number I get phone call from them +13058515097.

    I will go with my contract to Police and I hope they can help me to find what they doing this???
    Is any one here from London to have Contract from this “fake” Company?

    Thank you to all for comment what you share here.

  21. Kimball Edwin Durand says:

    I need your help. I was cheated by Qualify Me in Australia. US$7000 is a fortune.

    I have spent lots of money in different parts of the world 10 years. I would estimate in those times that totaled, they almost reach a million dollars. Don’t get me wrong whoever is reading this. The topic I am about to give is about spending WISELY.I warn everyone, personal and professional, who plan to spend anything to get to Australia, NOT to spend it with Qualifymenow, Qualifymefast, Once it gets in their hands, Its damned to hell, It is like hammered shit, Just forget about it.They put the words “Recognition of prior learning” or “E-Learning” and “Career Development” and “Professional Development” in the same sentence as their short courses are absolute bullshit. They just run off and fuck with the money of other people who desperately want to get to Australia one way or another. Spend wisely, my dear beloved readers. It does not grow on trees.

    Operating a company is a professional business in Australia as it is everywhere. Those who have access to money will qualify for the criteria. If their campaign with their short courses is successful and the business is successful, Income is generated and the recognition of prior learning business grows. This is needed to be sure that you have a stable and professional partner with their career to get to Australia. The cost of professional advertising is just a small amount of money. Since. Qualifymefast, Qualifymenow, weasels out most of the deal with their short courses, the stolen money is always more than enough to compensate for their advertising costs. Only in them I see a lot of mysterious stuff that will qualify as paranormal activity with recognition of prior learning going on. They promise a lot with their short courses to have recognition of prior learning and a professional career in Australia. They surely have a career keeping your money, but NOT their promises of developing your professional career to qualify and move your chosen industry in Australia with their short courses for recognition of prior learning. They also offer more short courses for your career and professional development than a fast food restaurant has on their menu. The most difficult task for the candidates is to pass the interview with the Australian embassy, the first requirement to have a career in Australia, without it, all recognition of prior learning is useless. Those professional Qualify Me Bandits will take the money of every guy whether they pass the interview for Australia or not. They only care to be paid for their short courses and recognition of prior learning. It is one of the most difficult yet they took my money even if I failed. WHY THE FUCKING SHIT AM I PAYING FOR A CAREER IN AUSTRALIA WHICH I WILL NEVER HAVE? They cook the main courses for disaster with their recognition of prior learning.

  22. Christian says:

    Here is a job spam I got few days ago
    Yeah too good to be true.
    Btw they frigging knew my name

    In this letter we would like to offer you to collaborate with our company as a “QUALITY CONTROLLER”. ROMO PROMO represents some of the world’s finest corporations, including many Fortune & Global 150 companies.
    Our clients include restaurants, retail stores, casinos, financial institutions, hotels and resorts and more. In order to continually provide a fresh perspective for our clients, ROMO PROMO screens secret shopper and exit interviewer applicants on an ongoing basis. We provide clients with a comprehensive customer intelligence solution which includes collecting and analyzing multiple customer experience data streams from their locations.


    QUALITY CONTROLLER DUTIES: Performing secret shopping projects is a great way for you to make additional income while helping companies to improve their level of customer service. ROMO PROMO offers 100 secret shopping assignments each month across more than 12 industries.
    LOCATION: JAPAN (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa)

    This is a part-time job:

    1) With part-time schedule (planned schedule)
    2) With permanent employment (planned schedule)
    3) With pre-planned schedule

    Please find in the attachment all the necessary documents:

    1) Quality Controller_Job Offer.pdf
    2) Employment Application.docx

    In a case you have any questions left about your future position, duties and benefits, or want to learn more details , feel free to contact HR Department. If you agree of this offer, You can send a request for cooperation with the information about you or your company (Employment Application.docx) on e-mail/fax: or +44 (0)20 7681 2543
    If you need any assistance, or any further info do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Best regards, Michael Tooley
    Regional CDM

  23. Jeremy says:

    Anyone get a job offer from teleperformance? I did a lot of research and everything looked fine. They sent me a check for supplies and the bank cleared it. I thought it was legit. They had me wire money to serveral people and days later the bank told me the check was altered and charged my account for the amount the check wad worth. The lady’s name was madaam angel brown. Shes on google and linked in.

  24. Teresa says:

    Jeremy, I received that same one. I received this the check, but thanks be to God that I had a feeling that something didn’t “smell” right. I kept playing the game with her after she kept asking me (via google hangout). I sent the check to my bank & after I did it, that’s when I actually smelled a rat. I called the fraud department immediately to report it. The bank didn’t charge me a dime. These scammers tried that about a month ago. But, lo & behold, I just received (this morning) another scam job offer from them. It appears that a “Mr. Kari Toivonen” will be conducting the next “interview.” I’m praying that the FBI will find these scammers, lock them up & throw away the key!

  25. ABC says:

    Fake email for job:
    Monster Recuitment

    Sep 19

    to me


    We have seen your profile on We have shortlisted your profile and would like to Confirm about your job opportunity for BAJAJ ELECTRICAL LIMITED


    Shortlisted Profile Maintenance Engineer
    Salary 22K-27K
    Job Location pune , maharashtra

    designing maintenance strategies, procedures and methods;
    carrying out routine scheduled maintenance work and responding to equipment faults;
    diagnosing breakdown problems;
    fitting new parts and making sure equipment is working correctly;
    carrying out quality inspections on jobs;
    liaising with client departments, customers and other engineering and production colleagues;
    arranging specialist procurement of fixtures, fittings or components;
    controlling maintenance tools, stores and equipment;
    monitoring and controlling maintenance costs;
    dealing with emergencies, unplanned problems and repairs;
    improving health and safety policies and procedures;
    working with specialist equipment, such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), which control machinery on factory assembly lines;
    writing maintenance strategies to help with installation and commissioning guidelines;
    ensuring there is continuous cover of the machinery and equipment in case of breakdowns.

    Note : Please send all your documents with passport size photo and a valid photo id along with a slip of Rs 2350/-

    We are requested to you please read carefully our note for your confirming candidature for this job profile.

    1) You have to need to pay the amount Rs. 2350/-for your registration charge.
    2) If you are not getting job opportunity to our side your amount will be refundable.
    you have to pay in ,


    Account Name: – Arev Management Service

    Account No: – 30500200000490

    Branch Name: – Sikandra,

    Email-ID :

    Best Regards

    mobile number which faker calls: 7531836806, 7053592479 from delhi. They depoisted money in oxygen wellet through phone calling on same day of call. paided 2000 rs but came to know somewhere that this is group of fakers in delhi then stoped to pay remining amount….. complain against them is under progress.

  26. Candace says:

    Is there a website or email where we can send the offers we’ve received? Or even offers we find while searching?

  27. Sonya says:

    they got me about work at home wrapping gifts but they just wanted to use my name and address to move stuff around.

  28. I have been robbed of R1500 by a man who is an enquiry of the posts that are normally advertised on INDEED by Batho pele mine in South Africa.he gave me file numbers and coy number and said i should deposit R1500 for uniform and other things i will need at work at the mine.his name is Mr Mohlophi and i deposited money on Phillip Tebele’s Nedbank account according to his instruction.It was a scam and he is still continuing advertising posts for this mine.their numbers are 0799293808 Mohlophi,0767527764 Phillip Tebele

  29. P says:

    I was going to be another victim today but thank God the lady in WU got suspicious and told me that the check I’ve deposited is fake and the job is spam! The guy George Cruz kept messaging me to see if I send him the cash, I told him I’m not going to be one of your poor victims and here’s what he replied and then gone forever!
    this is not fraud,I’m a man of over 47 years and I will never do anything illegal. I can send you an alternative means to send the agent the money, Don’t let them deceive you ok

    Excuse me?! Who’s deceiving who??!!! Wish them all the worst punishment ever!!

  30. anna says:

    Dear mates these people are so bad please i have being fooled please which is the best jobs ads sites that are trustfull

  31. SD says:

    No offense, but after reading all of these ludacris emails, you people DESERVE to get scammed!
    In this day and age falling for these same scams that have been going on for over 20 years??

    NO COMPANY is going to email YOU, or call you, or text you about a legitimate job!

    If you have to pay money to gain access to a job, its a scam! Period

    As the saying goes….
    “A fool and his money are lucky to get together in the first place.”

  32. I believe what you posted made a lot of sense. However, what about this?
    what if you were to create a killer post title? I ain’t saying your information isn’t good, but what if you added something that
    makes people desire more? I mean Job spam – Exposing the Fake Job Scammers is
    a little boring. You might glance at Yahoo’s
    front page and see how they create news headlines to grab viewers to open the links.
    You might try adding a video or a pic or two to grab readers excited about everything’ve written. In my opinion, it might make
    your posts a little livelier.

  33. Richard Seesing says:

    My wife used a respectable job agent in the US (Kelly services) and got contacted by them to respond thru Google Hangouts.
    When she did, the first question they asked was what the job was she applied for.
    My alarmbells went ringing.
    Then she turned out not to qualify for the job (why contact her then???) but there was another vacany they said…
    And that turned out the ‘training job’ for “a new office” spam…
    After my wife said she was not really looking for…… CLACK. the connection was broken.

    The respectable job agency later said her address was probably hijacked from their servers but they didn’t seem to mind there was a leak in their offices

  34. Lora Sharnoff says:

    I have been receiving this scam job offer and perhaps malware on “our site,” which I never open since June. There was a hiatus for a few weeks earlier this month; however from last week I have been receiving them again, and today already four of them. Each time the name of the “personnel director” and is different and the amount of salary may be, too, but otherwise it is the same message. Since whoever is sending me this junk must know by now that I will not look at “our site,” it is really in the realm of harassment.We are looking for employees working remotely.

    My name is Jacklyn, I am the personnel manager of a large International company.
    Most of the work you can do from home, that is, at a distance.
    Salary is $2700-$5300.

    If you are interested in this offer, please visit Our Site

    Good day!

  35. michone says:


    441 Logue Avenue
    Mountain View, CA 94043
    Phone: 650.316.7500
    The company Up work is a scam.
    They sent job offers after ripping of my resume. Then stated they needed me to deposit money in the bank. The bank deposit will cover vendor payments for work supplies. I worked from home. The equipment is free and you never pay for it. The scam at Up work. Is they use voice changers. They work in teams. They have a insider at the police station and in the corporate office, plus a few military personnel helping rob people blind. If they are real officers why is the crime never stopped. Why do they have all this intelligence but the checks still sent to innocent humans in need of a new position. Why are they allowed to steal from the American people. The bank employee also was fishy. They know the person mailing those checks. Remember everything on Earth is monitored. All eyes on you Corporate America for scams and slandering your servants.
    FYI stop all that crack dealing at headquarters.

  36. AL says:

    After filling out an app at a, what seemed to be legit employer website, I began receiving emails from the company asking me if I wanted to receive updates about job openings. After agreeing, I received a few random calls from Watertown, Mass., in which no one was on the other line when received. Only 8 hrs later, I received a notification on my phone of a potential spybug. Sure enough, I was able to obtain a signal from a 1900…Ghz cell device. After taking some notes, I went to my email to check for any potential security issues and, to my supprise, my inbox was packed with spam for entities asking for personal info hoping they could help me find a job. The sender, noreply@jobs…. , cannot be contacted..obviously, and has be infesting my inbox with spam all day, everyday for 2 weeks now. I coincedentally receive an email or phone call from who knows where, everytime visit a fake site for spam awareness or enter the number that called my phone. This is so frustrating. I hope the info I may have on this scammer is enough to put end to this crap from these companies that may be linked to indeed, job advisor or career builder. After all, I was just trying to get a new job.

  37. Joyce E says:

    I keep getting these phony job emails ostensibly from myself! Most seem to come from I keep hitting “Report spam and move to trash” at the server level, but they keep on coming — at least two per day. I have no clue how to get rid of these things.

  38. Vith says:

    Dear Russell, this is the final reminder as your account is set to be closed shortly

    Th employer has sent you an online interview, please activate your account with Jobs in Qatar. The online interviews will then be unlocked in your account

    The employer has accepted your application for the available position: Admin Assistant / Receptionist

    Please be advised that you would be required to submit the one time fully refundable fee of $85 USD ( which covers all applications and interviews ) until you accept a job offer. This can be submitted through our website Jobs in Qatar Payment Page You can apply for a refund after 6 months, if you do not accept a position

    You will receive your file number and login details to access your online account, you can also track your resume, employers, employer responses and interviews. The next step will be the final reviews and interviews with employers

    This payment covers all applications both present and future. Once your payment is received, your applicationsare then matched to the selected positions and applied directly to the related employers for the final reviews and selection. Employers will generally conduct phone interviews, the placement process can take about 1-6 months

    Submit payment by clicking here: Jobs in Qatar Payment Page or paste into your browser

    See our latest 2016 TV Ad airing on Qatar Television

    General questions & answers:

    Q: How do employers conduct interviews
    A: Employers conduct phone interviews or sometimes video

    Q: Do employers pay for relocation
    A: Yes employers pay for relocation

    Q: Do employers pay for housing
    A: Yes employers pay for housing or give a housing allowance

    Q: Do employers give a car
    A: Sometimes yes, sometimes no

    Q: Who arranges the work visa
    A: The employer arranges the sponsorship and work visa

    Q: Is there tax in Qatar
    A: There is no tax in the Middle East

    Thank you for using

    Russell Neville
    Account manager
    Head Office
    233-6400 Finley Ave, Ajax, Ontario
    Canada, L1S7S7
    Tele: 1-905-426-7458

    Jobs in Qatar – Qatar
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  39. Julie says:

    I received an email from david ritchey and they want to here me ask a homecare nurse for his can i check the authenticity?

  40. House Maids says:

    The site is really beneficial for everyone to know about this topic. I think if you read blog than you will get some more information from blog. This is really useful blog.

  41. I don’t even know the way I ended up here, but I thought this submit used
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    not already. Cheers!

  42. Masool says:

    Another site of job scams please be Alert..
    False promises on jobs of Accenture etc companies,
    Takes money 2500+, 7000+ verification & the list will go on.
    Paytm: gateway #: 7859958539
    Ph # of fraudsters: 9873671808, 9718162484 (Priyanka , pramod etc)

  43. proxy list says:

    Hi,I read your blog named “Job spam – Exposing the Fake Job Scammers” like every week.Your writing style is awesome, keep up the good work! And you can look our website about proxy list.

  44. Manoj kumar says:

    Anke Beate (AB)
    The HR Department
    Ebensee, Austria
    Tel:+43-720 22 8207

    Attention: Manoj Kumar

    After the evaluation of your Curriculum vitae and Employment form We are
    pleased to offer you the job and we hope you will enjoy your role and make
    a significant contribution to the success of the company.

    Please find the enclosed employment letter and contract of employment
    which sets out the terms and conditions of your employment. Please review
    the document and return one signed copy to us as prove of acceptance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Hilda Jan
    Sr Human Resources Generalist

    Do u think it real?

  45. Martha says:

    I too received one from Teleperformance USA. The Contact Center Manager is James Wilson. They had my resume from Indeed and I am currently looking for other employment. So of course I thought it was a legit employment offer. From the minute they first contacted me it was very suspicious. I immediately started digging up information about them online. Everything seems authentic, since there is an actual company with that name. I googled the company, checked on glassdoor and indeed. They requested to only be contacted through Google Hangouts and when I asked if I was going to have an in person interview to sign actual paperwork for payroll purposes, their response was, yes after you receive the check and purchase the necessary equipment you will meet with a representative. Then when asked how do I know this is not a scam, their response was, this is not a scam. But never went beyond that to remedy my suspicions. They have since sent me a check for a ridiculous amount of money and it looks FAKE! Also, with the check they sent a ridiculous letter that has no company letter head or no contact number, simply an email with someone else’s name whom I have had no contact with. The check was mailed through FedEx and under the sender information, they have a different company name listed. I have googled that too and it too seems authentic, but there’s no way I will deposit that check. I have worked for bank institutions before and know what to look for. I will be reporting this to the proper authorities. It’s like they say if it’s too good to be true, it is a scam! Don’t give out any personal information. And always follow your gut!

  46. Mark says:

    Anke Beate (AB)
    The HR Department
    Ebensee, Austria
    Tel:+43-720 22 8207

    Attention: Manoj Kumar

    After the evaluation of your Curriculum vitae and Employment form We are
    pleased to offer you the job and we hope you will enjoy your role and make
    a significant contribution to the success of the company.

    Please find the enclosed employment letter and contract of employment
    which sets out the terms and conditions of your employment. Please review
    the document and return one signed copy to us as prove of acceptance.

    Yours sincerely,
    Pepe Feliciano
    Human Resources Manager
    Anke Beate (AB)

    Is this true? Or a 100% scam?

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  48. Elein Lacy says:

    As usual another great post, I didn’t know there where so many places that newbies can find work. That is a great list and I will be putting them to work very soon.

  49. CJA says:

    That’s great effort actually

  50. Jose Butler says:


    Nice Article


  51. Miss Zamo says:

    ppm recruitment and pda search recruitment are two UK recruiters that peddle fake job positions or vacancies to applicants looking for work. this is just as bad as spam recruitment offering fake jobs online.

  52. Manish kumar singh says:

    Support 4 earth llp owner is scammer, he stopped all agent salary last 2 months & he didnt deposite tds as well.

  53. Ryan S. Bagalay says:

    Luckily I read about this before I end up in a pit of snakes ready to swallow me alive.
    I have this BDEA Berlin Deutsche Energy AG (GERMANY) offering me a job. Then after sending some details they say I’m hired as a Maintenance Engineer with a luring Eur 12,000.00 a month. They are now starting to ask me payment for Employment/Entry Permit and other stuff needed. The recruiter promise me to pay back in full after submitting a expense report. blah blah blah. Almost got me.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  54. Job offer for project manager for Valiant, pretty sure it’s a scam

  55. marcus aureleus blanco says:

    hi guys. just need help, im not good in computer, just wanna ask if the is also a scam/spam? just received an email, i am a jobseeker.

  56. Janiyal Phansopkar says:

    Hello guyz

    I received a spam mail regarding a job i send my passport scaned front page nothing else i searched on Google related to job offer and addresses mentioned .
    Will that cause any harm to me

  57. All right , i find the same phone number scam so i share my experience here

    i posted a job on upwork and i received skype request without give me email ,
    then a girl :Alina Z told me if i wanted to pay directly via paypal , i said ok (i never do this usually)
    i send 20 dollars in business payment, then soon i sent , she say that business payment take 21 day before cashout, i said its too late , so she need to refund me 20 dollars before i send another 20 dollars in paypal “good” (they try to push us to send as “good” because we cannot dispute) then i asked her to give me the info i wanted and she say no , i need first to send another 20 dollars in “good” before release the work , i started to smell fish , so i started to tell her i dont smell her and i just want refund
    she started to say “ok you will have problem with upwork hiring department” i said LOL im 5 stars rating there ….

    THEN ….. a fake “Upwork Hiring Department” skype profile added me

    i smelled more fish here , they ask me to call them
    contact us directly please 650.316.7500
    but i told them that i busted them ,
    here is their last answer and they dissipear

    so i never work outside upwork and i will never do anymore

  58. Way cool! Sоme vsry valid ρoints! І ɑppreciate yⲟu writing tһis post
    plus the rest of tһe websjte іs extremely good.

  59. oliver says:

    virtual worker, mis spelloing in the site. asking for the w4 to be filled out and sent to them with social.

  60. Raju Bhowmik says:

    Spam call receive by name of times job. They told me they will arrange job from top most companies. But have to deposit 1250/- as some kind fee but it refundable. After paid money to them they took interview n my interview 🆔 was Mr.Raju your interview id is TNS0004126 . (Bank name-BANK OF Baroda, ACCOUNT NO-51890200000003, IFSC CODE- barb0garhum, ACCOUNT HOLDER NAME-TIMES JOB SERVICES, Email id- support@timecareerservices.Com. call came from 9520648643.) . Then they demanding for more 6500/- for training purpose. I realized that its a fraud company. Every beware of this fraud callers.

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