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Link building email spam tops our spam lists

Here at SPAMfighter we have various ways of knowing which types of spam spammers are sending each day. Today for the first time ever link building email spam tops the list.
Link Building is the development of links pointing to a website to reach better positions in search engines. Here is the list and link Building spam occupies first and fourth spot today.

link building email spam


So if you are receiving spam mails with subject fields like “Quality backlinks” or “Directory Submission” you are the victim of link building email spam. Those spammers basically sell links from various places, eg from comments on blogs, forums and so-called link directories containing nothing else than long listings of companies. So they are not only sending e-mail spam but also spamming the Internet with content with very low quality. We have previously covered blog spamming and link building spam is definately the culprit of that.

Buying such links using these link building email spam mails is of course not recommendable. Search engines like Google and Bing does a great job of sorting out low quality links and it can actually hurt a website have such links.

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