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Lottery scams – too good to be true

Lottery scams have been around for a long, long time. The nature of these scams are the basic “you have won $10 million US and we just need  a bit of information to do the bank transfer”. At first sight it does look interesting and ideas like skipping your day-time job might pop up, but it is of cource very important that you do not reply to these scams, because winning the lottery might suddenly cost you thousands of dollars. Or the nice world cup tickets you won suddenly costs a transfer fee.

Some people still seems to become victims of such lottery scams. Otherwise the spammers would probably stop sending them in the first place.

Now, here is a lottery scam with a bit of a twist. These spammers seem to be able to predict tomorrow’s lottery results:

Lottery scamWe hope it goes without saying, this is obviously a lottery scam.

Here is another scam related spam mail that caught our attention here at SPAMfighter. This graphic spam has some nice haiku quality to it. It is not classic haiku in the sense of  the strict rules be applied but it does has a special poetic ring to it. Not sure why spammers try this but luckily SPAMfighter nailed it, and it should never enter your mailbox!

haiku spam

Seen any unusual spam lately? Feel free to contact us here at SPAMfighter and we will have a look at it.

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