Warning! This blog post contains some serious bragging, but yes, it’s true and remember where you heard it first! Our beloved spam filter SPAMfighter made an appearance on the Atlanta based News outlet CNN on 17. July.  CNN often showcases …

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SPAMfighter announce support for Thunderbird 5 out-of-the box, and further announce the support of Thuderbird Six will be available in one week.

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Recently, we had the pleasure of studying 5.9 million spam mails sent in July 2011 in the effort to understand which celebrites were the most commonly used as bait by spammers. Using celebrities as bait in spam mails is of …

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There is a new battle in the fight against spam, that is eerily similar to previous title bouts. Today’s round is dedicated to the death of Amy Winehouse. Spammers catch on to the latest trends in news and gossip to …

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Spammers and scammers have turned their attention to cloning legitimate Android apps, and adding an advertising module, so that they can make money off of apps they did not write, and shows how spammers are trying to stay one step ahead (or often ten steps ahead) of the legal process of getting spammers shut down.

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