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Pinterest Spam – Something to Watch Out For?

Have you tried Pinterest yet? It’s one of the fastest growing social media sites, having reached 10 million users in record time. It’s best described as Twitter, but for pictures. You can “pin” pictures and sites you like to a virtual pinboard, share things you like with others, follow people you like and have others follow you. Is there already any Pinterest spam out there? Let’s find out!

Spammers have been very active on social media sites in the past — we’ve seen fake friend request e-mails on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It stands to reason that Pinterest could be the next target of spammers, especially due to the number of e-mails they send. Pinterest sends out many different e-mails to its users, including the following:

  1. Welcome to Pinterest
  2. Check out My Stuff on Pinterest
  3. XX is Following You on Pinterest
  4. Thanks for Joining the Pinterest Waiting List
  5. XX Is Now Following All of Your Boards on Pinterest
  6. You’ve Been Invited to Join Pinterest 
  7. This Week On Pinterest
  8. XX Repinned Your Pin On Pinterest
  9. You Have New Repins and Likes on Pinterest
  10. XX Liked Your Pin On Pinterest

Here’s an example of one of the e-mails:

pinterest spam

When you consider 10 million users pinning, repining, and following each other, that’s a lot of emails being generated. While there has been a bit of controversy over Pinterest’s usage of notification e-mails, the good news is there have not been any Pinterest spam mails recorded to date, according to SPAMfighter stats. It is definitely something to be on the lookout for in the future as this popular site continues to grow.

Edit: Pinterest spam is definately here! These little babbies are been splashed out right now:

Pinterest spam



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  1. Tara Seeley says:

    I am not getting spam emails about pinterest, but I seem to be getting spam pinners I am purportedly following: in other words, folks show up on my FB pinterest spot as someone I am following, when I never ever initiated a “follow”–and there are TWO which I am unable to delete/mark as spam.

    This will drive folks like me away…

  2. Falkner says:

    Hi Tara,

    Thank you for the comment. We are also hearing about the first fake Pinterest profiles. That is also of cource spam but another type.

  3. billy says:

    I think Pinterest is spammy by design, just the amount of emails the site generates is insane. And because it’s a photo based social media site, it will not be unusual to users to think that they should open up an email with a photo attachment that could be spam or contain malware in the attachment.

  4. gopro says:

    You’re always on top of things on this blog, 2 months after posting this blog it became public that Pinterest fans were spammed with survey scams and tricked into downloading fake Android apps. I think we can assume anything that any website that has a massive audience will be infiltrated by spammers. So yes, we should watch out for Pinterest spam. Keep up the great work Kim!

  5. carolyn crook says:

    I think pinterest company is a spamming company. I followed a lady that seemed real for awhile (to build up your trust). Then everything she pinned was malware. I sent her a comment back on three of her pins that she was infected. Hours later I started getting fake followers. I emailed pinterest asking how to block these fake people. Pinerest replyed that they knew they needed that function. THEY ARE A SOFTWARE COMPANY! Everytime I tried to email them agian about this I got auto replys and more fake people. Their way of saying go away. So I did.

  6. carolyn crook says:

    See above

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