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Can SPAMfighter remove blog spam?

Can SPAMfighter remove blog spam often also referred to as blog comment spam? That is indeed one question we often hear in our support. Bloggers enjoying blogging and wanting their readers to comment on posts are more and more concerned and irritated over blog spam. There are a lot of people out there creating blog spam and posting fake comments probably using bots in the process. The goal for them is to build links to their own sites to raise their positions in search engines like Google and Bing or to simply attract traffic to sites, that might very well hold malware.

So bloggers end up on our site probably looking for a blog spam filter to handle and remove that blog spam. Unfortunately, SPAMfighter can however only remove spam in Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail and a few other mail clients or act as a spam filter in a server setting.

Blog spam fun stuff:

Blog spam often seems to be as hilarious as e-mail spam. This blog is protected against comment spam and we have to say that blog spam filter does an OK job. It is very rare we have to manually mark a comment as spam or whitelist a real comment. Looking at some of the blog spam the other day I came across a few very amusing fake comments. Try and read the comments below and see whether it makes any sense to you. Why would anyone comment on a blog beginning with “Eggs will lie dormant from a fortnight up to three months waiting….“?

blog spam

The comment below is in the same mold from a guy apptly named “how to cure hair loss“. Mr. how to cure hair loss strangely reveals his news habits in a spam blog comment to this post on the Apple Ipad scam:

blog spamming

Basically blog spammers are using some of the existing techniques as traditional spammers, eg varying texts and content in order to bypass the blog spam filter but these attempts seem ridiculous! We have previously documented some of the techniques and strange outcome used by spammers here btw.

Feel free to comment on our blog btw. We are always interested in involving our users and visitors in a dialogue on what we write.

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