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SPAMfighter mentioned on CNN!

Warning! This blog post contains some serious bragging, but yes, it’s true and remember where you heard it first! Our beloved spam filter SPAMfighter made an appearance on the Atlanta based News outlet CNN on 17. July.  CNN often showcases various tech related tips and featured a dialogue on spam and spam filtering on this particular day. Now, that is something we know a thing or two about! The following excerpt is from a conversation between technology expert Marc Saltzman and news anchor Fredericka Whitfield:  

SPAMfighter CNN

So it will catch what they think is junk mail, what the program is going to try to guess to be junk mail, with either key words or not knowing who it is from.  (Editor: That is a pretty simple spam filter that only filters emails based on the sender or key words. We suggest trying something a bit more advanced). It’s not a bad idea once in a while to go into your junk e-mail and find false positives.

The first tip is to definitely by default move it from low to medium to even high within the settings. I know with Outlook it’s easy to find.

WHITFIELD: OK, and then there is software to reduce the spam mail. How does that work? (Editor: Good question!)

SALTZMAN: Sure. So there are different pieces of software out there that will also add another layer of protection from junk mail. A free plug-in for Outlook is called SPAMfighter. It’s a very powerful tool that is free to use. (editor: We won’t disagree here.)

You can go to (Editor: Please do so!). And then there’s also bigger packages from the likes of Symantic and McAfee, best known for internet security solutions and they have either as a stand-alone product or as part of a bigger internet security package.

They’ll also have more aggressive anti-spam tools to help reduce the amount of junk mail you’re getting in your inbox.

Unfortunately, we were only sent the transcript from CNN but haven’t been able to track down a video. You can read the transcript from CNN here (Hint. It’s pretty long so search for “SPAMfighter” in your browser). Anyways, if you come across the video clip please do not hesitate to contact us – we would be very happy to see it! What the heck, we will also through a couple free licenses in your direction if you can find it!


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