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SPAMfighter reviews – going for 5000 reviews on Cnet

CNET is probably the largest site for product reviews, downloading software and all sorts of tech news. The site was founded in 1994 and generates some 3.5 million downloads each day, making CNET a major player in software downloads.

Being a major download site makes CNET important for SPAMfighter, as you are able to download all of our software there if you prefer that to downloading from our website. So far some 330 000 users have downloaded our SPAMfighter Pro from Cnet and during that process some 4900 have choosen to review our software. CNET uses a simple to understand five scale review system, and the reviews for SPAMfighter are very favourable: actually making us the best rated spam filter on CNET, if you take the very high number of reviews into consideration. Lets look at the numbers:

What can you do to help us here? If you feel like helping us out, then visit our page on CNET and write a review. It would be nice to reach 5000 reviews on Cnet and every reviews helps!

Interested in doing an in-depth review, and you have a blog or a techy site of some sort? Please look here

SPAMfighter has become the number one anti-spam solution in Europe because of our fantastic and supportive user-base, which now runs to over 7 million users and growing, and you can not only trust our technology, you can see that the vast majority of users love SPAMfighter Pro, because, simply put: 7 million people wouldn’t use it to protect their inbox day-in, day-out if we weren’t doing our job.

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