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The Bendtner Paddy Power TV Spam Case

Recently during a soccer game Danish Ace Niclas Bendtner decided to show his underwear sporting a logo for betting company Paddy Power known for controversial advertising.
Celebrating goals outragously is definately a part of the game but this little stunt caused a fine of no less than 100.000 euros. An amount Paddy Power offered to pay up. The story has run all over the medias and social networks discussing whether Mr. Bendtner actually was on the payroll of Paddy Power?  Heavily discussed is also whether the fine is too harsh? In the end Paddy power got a lot of publicity here which surely will justify paying the fine. You might follow the debate using the tag #Pantsgate on Twitter (Great hashtag btw).

tv spam

Looking at the whole case from our usual anti-spam perspective it seems to be a case of unsolicited advertising very much comparable to e-mail spam. Yes, a lot of people here were exposed to advertising in a communication channel where they only expected advertising from the official sponsors of the event. That seems very much like the e-mails you receive from companies where you signed up for newsletters or are allowed to send you promotional mails. Or does it?

Lets hear you voice. Is this some sort of TV spam? Surely SPAMfighter cant beat this but should we start introducing TV spam filters on our television sets that are capable of sorting away such stunts?

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