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Today’s spam visualized

We have several reports here alerting us of the most prominent spam out there. Those reports let us know of what spammers are up to and warns us if new types of spam are being created. Using the reports we can up with stories on eg. Whirl wind software spam, job spam and viagra spam for women.

With the volume of spam we handle (currently 89% of all mails are spam) and we sort out spam from million of users it quickly turns out difficult to get an overview of what is going on. We found a little tool for creating nice looking spam tag clouds and decided to create a few using the most used spam words in English, German and French language. Each spam tag cloud was generated using 1.000 unique subject lines from spam mails received and analyzed by the SPAMfighter anti spam engine this morning.

English spam – most used spam words today are “life”, “night”, “stock”, “new” and “Re”


German spammers go for “Euro”, “ab” and “Newsletter” spamtag-de

French spam. “Prix”, euros” and “plus” are spammer favorites.


If you want to create your own word cloud tags then try wordle.

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