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One of the questions we get often is how we handle all the spam and make sure our anti spam network performs fast.  It is actually a very relevant question since we sort out millions of spam mails each day. …

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In our ongoing interview series, we talk with Axel Gerken of DownloadMix, about the the download market and trends in the trialware and shareware markets

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The Osama spam continues, this time with a Google Earth theme to see Osama’s mansion, but with the added surprise: this time you’ll be asked to pay for the usually free Google Earth. It’s a scam – don’t pay for it, you can always download Google Earth for free, direct from Google.

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There has always been lottery spam, but it seems that the spammers are keeping hard it, because people are falling for outrageous claims; remember the basic rule: if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

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QR codes could be a spam or malware threat, so be careful when you use them.

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