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3 books with a digital theme

Our post regarding Top 10 movies with a Cybercrime theme got a lot of positive feedback so we decided to make a similar blog post and hope some will be inspired.

This time we have a small list of only 3 books (they usually take longer to finish than a movie). These books are for those that are interested in technology and an engaging book that keeps you thinknig. These books are highly recommended from some of the SPAMfighter employees.


Digital Fortress
Digital Fortress – Dan Brown (2008)

From the author of The Da Vinci code comes a thriller with its roots deep in the heart of the world of security. When the NSA’s invincible code-breaker TRANSLTR encounters a code it can’t crack a thrilling development evolves.

Filled with secret organizations, powerful computers and cold-blooded killers this is definately a book worth reading in the safety and privacy of one’s home.

We give it:

Kingpin – Kevin Poulsen (2011)

Former hacker Kevin Poulsen gives an inside view in the world of hackers. He and reports from the illegal activities in the hacking underground. One man rose above all other hackers and stole millions of US dollars. Every time the FBI came close this man got away.

Follow the intense chase and stories of how this underground still to this date steals millions of credit card numbers and afterwards vanishes into the blue air.

We give it:

Hackers – Steven Levy (2010)

Although this is a bit more on the heavy side, this 25th anniversery edition from author Steven Levy is worth a read, even for non-tech people. We look back at the first hackers and their exploits from the 50’s to the 80’s along with interviews.

In this new edition we get brand new material from hacker celebrities such as Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple).

We give it:

Do our readers have any books they would like to recommend or have already read some of the listed books feel free to leave a comment below.

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