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3 tips to protect your children online

Parental Control OnlineThe online world is increasingly pushing the limits for technology and also our boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not for our children.

There are literally millions of sites with easy access that you certainly don’t want your children to visit.

But how can we stop this when the websites are only a click away? We have gathered some quick tips how you can prepare yourself and your child from getting into bad situations online.

1. Communication

All the strict rules and limitations in the world won’t stop your child exploring all of the aspects the internet offers. Before setting up rules and boundaries, have a heart to heart talk of the positive and negative parts of surfing online. Be open in what you expect and that you are always open to questions, no matter what.

2. Personal data

One single piece of private information can be enough to take advantage of you online. Explain that personal photos, e-mail, full name, address and phone number should not be posted online.

Any information that could lead someone to their location should be avoided. The internet offers a great place for children to be anonymous and communicate and interact with others in the safety of their homes.

3. Family Safety Software

This type software is a blessing for parents that want their children to surf safely.

One of the usual features is a filter that blocks the known “bad” sites on the internet along with a wide variety of other important safety measures.

Parental control software is also great at monitoring activity and stopping cyber bullying with in the social networks or chat rooms. Almost a must for parents who want their children starting their new adventure online safely.

Do what you can

In the end we unfortunately can’t protect our children 100% in real life or online. However we can make precautions that can help a great deal and luckily with todays tools it’s easier to get protection from the basic threats.

 If you have any other tips or suggestions, feel free to write them below.

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