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40.000 ‘likes’ on Facebook, but we want more!

Great news! We recently crossed a milestone here at SPAMfighter – over 40.000 people like us on our Facebook page. While 40.000 likes is a relatively small number in comparison to our much larger user base, we’re convinced that our next goal of 100.000 should be attainable given the rate of growth we’ve been seeing. 

If you haven’t already done so, you can like us here: SPAMfighter Official Facebook Page

It has never been easier to be a SPAMfighter on Facebook!  Several changes to our Facebook page have occurred over the past couple weeks: a complete redesign of our products tab, which means you can download our products directly on Facebook, and it’s now possible to contact our support group though Facebook for FREE! 

 As we continue to make improvements to our product line, our mission to make the web a safe and spam-free environment is only possible with your help: Please share our Facebook page with your friends.

Share the SPAMfighter Facebook page

Stick around SPAMfighters fans – we have exciting plans for our Facebook page.  We’re currently working on some sweet Facebook exclusive contests, where you’ll be able to win our software and a lot of other great stuff! 

Thank you for your support!

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