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Charlie Sheen Spam – Still not tired of Charlie Sheen?

You probably knew it was coming and maybe you are pretty fed up with Charlie Sheen? Sorry anyway, we just had to cover this. Spammers are taking advantage of the popularity of Charlie Sheen in the tabloids, on twitter and almost everywhere. We have compiled a few of the spam mails and here are some of the subject fields being used:

charline sheen spam

Some of the mails leads to Google Groups holding links to sites holding malware so beware here!

It is a common strategy for spammers to exploit the names of celebrities and lately the 10 years of Anna Kourniva virus was celebrated and we previously covered Michelle Obama as a new spam celebrity. If you are tired of Charlie Sheen in the media btw, then go for the Charlie Sheen browser Blocker for Firefox and Chrome!

Just be careful of anything coming into your inbox that is Charlie Sheen related. Unless, of course, you know Charlie Sheen personally, in which case, you have our sympathies.

Some simple actions you can take to keep you protected from Charlie Sheen-related malware and spam:

  1. Always use a top-of-the-line anti-spam filter on your email, we, of course, recommend ours.
  2. Always have an up-to-date antivirus system on your machine. If it’s no longer licensed, it’s not up-to-date!
  3. Should a suspicious message get through, DO NOT click on links that may be in the email message – you will almost certainly be taken to a site just itching to download malware to your machine.
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