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FULL-DISKfighter Review and Interview


As part of our efforts to get the word out about SPAMfighter’s latest product, FULL-DISKfighter, we came across, an independently run site which offers a wealth of tips and resources for speeding up slow PCs. Rather than just post a link to their review of FULL-DISKfighter, we decided to try something different. The following is a brief interview with the site’s owner.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers.
Hi, my name is Dominic Acito. I am currently a web developer with a background in computer engineering. I also like to think of myself as a PC super user :).

How long has ComputerTooSlow been around and are there any other projects you’re working on? has been around for almost 3 years now. It started with only a few simple tips and tricks and has been expanded to have hundreds of guides, tips, and tricks.

How frequently are you contacted by your family or peers regarding computer issues?
I get asked computer questions pretty often. I would say I get an easy to handle question every week or so. I would say monthly I will get a question that requires me to actually look at a family/friend’s computer. This is one reason I created It gives me a place to send my friends and family for help.

Besides the obvious, what is the most common question you get asked?
The most common thing I get asked is how to remove a virus or spyware. This is often after the person’s PC has been infected. After this, I also get asked about upgrading quite a bit as well. This often leads to an upgrading versus buying new conversation.

Are there any tools or programs you have found to be useful when troubleshooting a computer remotely?
I have found that Remote desktop can be useful if the user has it set up.

What’s next for Do you have any plans on expanding the site to other non-performance related issues or interests?
We are in the process of adding more how to guides all the time that aren’t necessarily performance related. We try to continue to mix in performance related articles, but I think our readers also like to read how to guides, tips, and tricks, especially when these tips can save them some time.

Would you please leave our readers with the top 3 optimization tips they should try to get the most out of their PC?
The three best things you can do to speed up a computer, besides removing a virus/malware that is slowing you down, are to clean the registry, free up disk space, and defragment your hard drive. If you are an advanced user, you can also look at disabling unnecessary services and startup programs.

лучшие микрозаймы онлайнDo let us know if you found the interview interesting and perhaps we’ll do more in the future. For those wanting to read Dominic’s review of FULL-DISKfighter, it can be read here.

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