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Have you beaten your Computer up today?

From time to time we ask our SPAMfighter community some interesting questions about computer usage, the Internet, computer security, spam and other stuff we find interesting. Yes, our team does consist of a couple people with fancy degrees in behavioural sciences and such, but we’re not all nerdy programmers.

Anyway, this time we asked our Dutch SPAMfighter users some questions about their computer usage. We received approximately 7.300 survey completions (thank you very much for participating!) One of the questions was quite simple: “Which of the following bothers you about using your Computer?“. Since a lot of us spend at least 3-4 hours a day in front of a computer we thought the question would give us interesting results.  Here they are:

  • Boot time 47%
  • Spam 39%
  • Slow websites 25%
  • Spyware / malware 24%
  • Problems with hardware, printers etc. 6%
  • Too many ads on the Internet 33%
  • Computer crashes 10%

Delving deeper into the numbers, we found it curious that men seem to be more impatient than women [EDITOR – I’m not surprised]. Some 48% of our respondents are annoyed with their computer’s boot times and slow websites are a nuisance to 25%. These issues bother our female participants by 42% and 27% respectively.

However, we found that women are more annoyed with internet ads. A whooping 36% of female survey participants think that the internet has too many ads, compared to 31% of our male participants. Now that is something to consider for companies marketing themselves on the Internet.

Now how do people react to these annoyances? Here is where the data gets even more interesting: 28% have actually felt aggression towards their computer due to these annoyances. 64% blame their slow pc as the main source of aggression and this is consistent among the sexes!

Anyway, fear not and fight those destructive tendencies! Here are a few quick tips for speeding up your PC that might save it from a serious beating:

1. Remove unwanted software that you do not use. Look especially for software that runs during your PC’s boot sequence (the programs that load as soon as Windows starts) and therefore affects your boot time.

2. Run a disk defragmentation once a month or so.

3. Run a Registry clean once a month or so to fix a slow pc. It might help your boot time considerably.

4. Choose an antivirus with low system usage. Slow antivirus software can adversely affect your computer’s performance.

5. Install a spam filter and save time from sorting your inbox

In closing, after these nifty tips and obviously shameless relevant promotion of our products, we would like to ask you to share your stories of slow pc rage. Have you ever let your aggression get the better of you and gone agro on your trusty computer? Slaying by floor drop or anything else as appropriate?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. esspweb says:

    Your post have the information that is helpful and very informative. I would like you to keep up the good work. You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.

  2. Myrna says:


    Glad to know that I’m not the only one who sometimes views the computer as the enemy. Still, I have learned to walk away from it rather than take it out on the machine.

  3. I have a Mac and actually I like my computer so much that I named our Great Dane after it–MAC! Enjoyed your post!

  4. My desire to beat up my computer has dramatically decreased since I purchased a new tower with a faster processor speed and more RAM. Now the only thing to do is to get Frontier to upgrade their infrastructure here in NW Indiana. Some folks say go to Cable and the jury is still out on that given I hear 50 for and 50 against the customer service for the Cable company.

    Also I would like to believe as we age we become a little more tolerant of technology. I am much better now than even a couple years ago regarding how often I want to throw the computer off the desk and into the wall.

    Leanne Hoagland-Smith
    Author of Be the Red jacket

  5. Will says:

    I’m surprised boot time is on there, I would have thought that spam would have been higher. I am yet to beat my computer up today 🙂

  6. jmevans1 says:

    These are great suggestions. If you have Windows XP, I would also suggest that you go into Control Panel, click on the -Java Icon once per month and go to General temporary internet files>click on >settings>then delete files. This really speeds things up for me on Windows XP. Not sure about Windows 7. I would also suggest downloading Malwarebytes and Spybot applications for free and running their anti-virus program at least once per week. Just my two cents.

  7. tamimon says:

    I will beat my one very soon! For only just Mozilla firefox! It’s take 75% CPU usage when I browse over internet! How creepy!

  8. Nathan Gordon says:

    As a Mac user, my computer experience is a little different than how it is written, but the same solutions still stand. Find a cleanup program, I like to use Onyx, and closing unwanted programs.

  9. pre employment tests says:

    I definitely agree that Internet ad is annoying. Thanks for posting this blog.

  10. Trolleys says:

    I don’t really mind my boot time so much. I just go and grab a coffee while I wait for the machine to fire up 🙂

  11. Martin says:

    Also I would like to believe as we age we become a little more tolerant of technology. I am much better now than even a couple years ago regarding how often I want to throw the computer off the desk and into the wall..!!

  12. John says:

    Some really good points mentioned to save computer from the beatings! In addition to these if using windows 7 or windows vista, ReadyBoost can be used to speed up you pc. Also you must regularly detect and repair errors makes computer to run quickly and efficiently. Antiviruses must be updated periodically.

  13. Jackson says:

    I always used to think as to what may be the reason for my computer to process so slow. Before I thought it could be a virus attack on my computer. But after scanning I found no viruses at all. Now I know that there may be several reasons for it to low down its speed. I never knew that we need to de-fragment our computer. This thing is completely new for me but now that I know what exactly it is I will de-fragment my computer soon.

  14. Brian Hall says:

    Most of the times the computer crashes happen when we do not install the important updates. We need to keep updating our computer every time we get a pop-up. Slow computers would make our work speed low. So in order to complete our work on time we need to ensure that we have our computers updated. So update yours today.

  15. Jo Jones says:

    At times the problem may also be because of the websites. It think that may be its only because of the advertisements and pictures that a particular website has due to which the site gets over loaded and consumes a lot of time to open. If the problem is with your computer than I think rebooting would be a good option to go with.

  16. Patrick says:

    The way you keep your house clean and tidy, the same way it’s important to keep even your computers clean as cleaning the computers would speed them up in terms of their processing. There are several reasons for your computer to slow down. And now that we all know the reason behind them it’s important to beware of them and ensure we solve all the above mentioned issues well and on time.

  17. Carol Hong says:

    Maintaining your computer system well is important. Upgrading it on time would help you to avoid all the damages happening to it. Overloading the computer by downloading a long list of movies may slow down your system and would interrupt in your work. Clearing all the history and cookies would help in speeding up your system. Its better you store all the heavy files in your hard disc for your computer would be able to increase its processing system.

  18. Hey after reading this blog I have immediately done all the alterations mentioned above and trust you me that my computer is now functioning at a very high speed. Now next time if there are any issues with my computer, I would definitely know how to deal about with them. I am feeling like an expert now as all my friends come to me for if their computer slows down due to any issues.

  19. Spam fighter always has some good and informative post over it. Computer crashes even I have rarely heard about. But yes there may be also a couple of more things apart from those mentioned out here. For instance, may be possible that your computer is attacked with a lot of viruses or even may be that a lot of applications may be running in your computer which may be one of the causes for a slowdown in the system.

  20. Oliver says:

    I am a hardware engineer. All of my customers stop calling me as they say that now they know how to get their computer repaired. There are also some other sites like your blog that offers some tips and tricks to speed up the computers. I am no more required by my customers. I think now it’s time for me to change my profession.

  21. Katya says:

    Computer slows down its processing speed when you over load it with software’s. Keep a track of all the software’s that you keep downloading. Software’s consume a lot of space of your computer’s memory. So it’s always better to have all the unwanted ones removed so as to have your work completed with speed and that you can also maintain security to your computer in case of any virus attacks.

  22. John says:

    I keep installing all the updates that pop – up on my computer. Even then at times I still get some pop ups which ask me to install some of them which I have already installed. What do I do then? Should I install the updates now or should I just ignore. Please help as i get these kind of updates very often.

  23. Hi John

    i’ll recommend you to install all updates and allways keep your computer 100% up-to-date 🙂

  24. Marc Derikx says:

    Have you beaten up your computer today is a good blog as it has a lot of visitors over it. Reading all the comments and blogs will definitely create a good impression in mind about your blog. This post has a lot of information over it and it constantly tries updating its readers about the latest updates and changes in computers that are required to be done on time.

  25. David says:

    My computer is my only best friend. You all will not believe that in the 21st century I still have the oldest versions of the desktop. I am in love with my computer and that’s why I do not agree when my parents keep asking me to buy a laptop for myself. My computer has not troubled me for even once since the last 10 years. Also even I take care of my computer and always make sure that I install all the updates on time.

  26. Renny says:

    Cleaning your computer is as important as cleaning your room. What would you do if your computer gets hanged every now and then and then you feel like banging your head into your wall regretting whether why you did not care for it before? I think it would be fair enough to keep uninstalling all the unwanted applications from your PC and ensure that you install all the latest updates.

  27. Renny says:

    Computer literates will definitely understand the importance of having their computer beaten up by all the unwanted things that they have on their computers. The rest of the world would keep adding new software’s, movies, applications and other stuff to their computer and then later keep cribbing that their computer is working slow or is getting hanged very often. Who are you amongst both of them?

  28. Richard says:

    Oh! Is it that important to uninstall all the unwanted crap and keep installing all the latest updates on computer? I was not aware of it as I hardly use computer. It’s my son who uses computer. I shall surely ask him whether he is following all what is mentioned above. If he has not made any updates then I shall surely make him do that.

  29. George says:

    Computers need to be upgraded on fixed intervals. This is because if you do not upgrade your computer by installing the latest versions of the software available on your computer than there are possibilities that after some time the upgraded versions will never work well on your computer and you might possibly have a crash down. So instead of spoiling your operating system it would be better to install the latest updates.

  30. Daniel says:

    No I have not yet done any kind of alterations nor have yet even cleaned my computer even once. I don’t even get one day to spend on myself except a weekend. But yes I think this week end I should spend my time with my computer and determine its status whether how much of space is left and what all needs to be deleted from my computer.

  31. John says:

    I agree to you George. But it’s not necessary that you will surely have your computer crash down. At times it’s even possible that you have your software not working properly. Also the data feeded in that software might be gone for a toss. I feel instead of loosing data it would be better that we install all the updates on time.

  32. April says:

    As long as I run Chrome and not any other browser like Firefox or IE, I am fine. If I run anything else, you can bet I am going to slap my computer a few times!

  33. David says:

    Yes I think now it’s time to clean my computer. It’s been long that I have spent some time cleaning it. Also there are a lot of updates and new software that I need to install on my computer. I think it would be better if I do it as soon as possible because it’s only then that I will be able to improve its efficiency.

  34. Wright says:

    Computers these days are the most trusted units when it comes to data security and safety. But at the same time even we need to ensure that we keep upgrading and installing all the latest updates well on our computers. This is especially to avoid all the hacking’s and crashes that do occur when we do not take good care of our computers.

  35. Dixia Shi says:

    Yes as soon as I get some pop ups I ensure that I upgrade or install all the latest updates popping up on the computer screen. Also I am very particular about buying the licensed versions of all the software’s that I have in my computer so as to ensure that I do not get caught in terms of its piracy rights.

  36. Bianca says:

    So now that we all know the root cause of why all of us face issues like slow processing speed of our computers, outdated anti-virus software’s and other such issues I think all of us should pursue all of the above mentioned steps in case we want to get rid of all the pop-ups that we see on our computers.

  37. Theo Magen says:

    I remember my computer got crashed last year. It was the most shocking thing that ever happened with me. I never used to like clicking on the pop ups that I used to get to update my computer and so I never cared to install any of the updates. But now since I have realized the mistakes that I have done by not installing the updates.

  38. Terry says:

    The data of one computer can be easily hacked by the other computer without even the user of the first computer knowing about it. So one should be careful while saving confidential data and other confidential stuff in the computer. There are some of the important measures that need to be taken. Some of them are updating antivirus, updating the protection walls, deleting the cookies, deleting the history and so on.

  39. Harry says:

    Recently there is something new happening in my computer now. A few days ago there was some electric vibration that was emitted from the mouse. Then yesterday the same feeling that I got was from the monitor. It generally happens even when I touch the table where my computer is kept. I fail to understand the main reason for this act. Is there anything to do with the computer? Or is there some other issue?

  40. Edy says:

    Hey I have recently updated my computer but since I did not get a chance to delete or remove all the unwanted stuff from my computer I still feel that there are no changes in my computer. I would rather try to make it a little lighter now by removing all the movies that I have already seen. May be then my PC would start responding a little fast. Also there are some applications which do not function well. Should I remove them permanently?

  41. My computer is giving me a lot of issues now. I think it’s time to change my computer now. Because every time I log into my account I always keep getting messages like the windows version that I am using has expired and might get damaged if I do not refill or renew it. I tried making alterations in it. But I really don’t know what I should do. It would be better to buy a new computer now rather than investing money on the old one.

  42. Jack@it support tasmania says:

    Once because of the same problem I have already lost my computer some years back. But now these days after the incident I have become very prudent about each and every aspect of my computer. These days I do not even leave any of the pop-ups or updates coming on my computer. I wish I had the knowledge of repairing my computer if in case I face any issues.

  43. Allen@hotels in nuevo vallarta says:

    Yes I have recently installed all the important updates over my computer. As it is I have invested a lot of money last month over my computer with a view to get it repaired completely. I hope I do not get the same kind of problems again and so the computer engineer has asked me to keep updating the computer anytime you see any pop-ups.

  44. Thomas@doctor advice says:

    Yes I have cleared all the unwanted and unnecessary scrap from my computer. I think it was just waste of memory that the data was occupying on my computer. Also the way we maintain ourselves well we also need to pay some respect to our computer because ultimately our computer is the one helping us out to get our work done on time.

  45. Jeo says:

    It is hard to define what I have been through last month. As it is I was falling short of money and on top of that my computer was not responding to the actions or the request sent. With all the work pressure that I had I was forced to hire a computer engineer who would repair my computer. I admit it was my mistake that I kept on ignoring the important updates.

  46. mary corset says:

    I will beat my one very soon! For only just Mozilla firefox! It’s take 75% CPU usage when I browse over internet

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