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As always we are pretty tied up here introducing all kinds of new software. If you haven’t been following us that closely during the summer period then let’s recapture. We released our PASSWORDfighter in July for helping you cope with passwords, DRIVERfighter for updating drivers in August and looking back prior we  also released our VIRUSfighter Android PRO battling virus on Android devices
There is a lot more to come and we sometimes get asked why we aren’t doing more for the kids. Our creative team quickly put this fellow together which should be just right for kids of all ages. You will need a pair of scissors and a bit of glue. 

Click on the instructions below to print the little fellow.  With some nifty craftmanship he’ll make a great addition to your computer desk. 



We are pretty sure SPAMMERSLAMMERman won’t protect your computer against malware and spam but he’ll be a nice companion after the vacation period and help you keep your spirits up!

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