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iPhone Rumor Free Zone! Are you joining?

Apple Crystal Ball

If you type in “iPhone rumors” in Google you will get more than 196.000.000 results. If you search for “Starvation” you will receive 23.000.000 results.

Even though I am a proud owner of an iPhone 5 (and previously iPhone 1G, 3G and 4 hehe ) This media frenzy is out of control is beginning to cloud the joy of getting a new mobile.

Apple Fanboys

Are the worst (yes we are) at falling into the trap and gossip like small school girls when a hint of a new product is rumored. There have been a lot of jokes about people who buy anything Apple related (I’m guilty) and this picture illustrates this point quite well.

Apple Fanboys

With us Fanboys, I think Ricky Gervais said it best: “Can’t wait for the new iPhone 5. I’ve had this mint condition, perfectly good, antique iPhone 4 for over a year now. Embarrassing.”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking forward to the next iPhone but please let’s wait until Apple makes an announcement to run amok.

No more rumors please

A week after the iPhone 5 was released we started hearing rumors that the iPhone 5S production was begun. ONE WEEK!!! That is just crazy.

If you are a journalist and reading this please do not speculate or even try to guess which awesome new features the next iPhone5 S/6/10/100S will have. Concentrate on more important things in life like what underwear to wear or what’s for dinner.

The iPhone evolution

And to end of this little rant a joke about iPhone users:

Q: How do you tell if someone has the new iPhone 5?
A: Don’t worry, they’ll let you know.

We love Apple here at SPAMfighter and are of course developing new exiting products for Mac (but don’t worry we won’t spam you with rumors or let you speculate until they are ready). What do you feel about all these rumors flowing around in the world of Apple and electronics in general?

Are they really beneficial for anyone or just creating a hype that can only dissapoint future buyers?

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