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An Overview of the 6 Most Common Causes of Windows Registry Errors in your computer

Windows Registry Errors

Various factors such as orphan keys, holes in the registry, duplicate keys, wrong shutdown etc, are the major reasons behind Windows registry errors and other flaws in a computer.

Windows operating system is one of the most critical parts of an operating system and being such an important part it ought to stay clean of flaws that can result in crashes and other problems.

There are so many aspects that can make the Windows registry vulnerable to failures and possible flaws. 

Discussed below are some of the reasons that may make Window’s registry of a fast computer prone to unwanted flaws and crashes. These are:

1)    Risky entries– There are so many items that when introduced into a fast computer can prove to be harmful for the proper functioning of the system. These items include Trojans, Viruses, Spyware, Adware, and Malware. In spite of the techniques users employ to safeguard their computers, many of these items always somehow manage to introduce to the system. These items, at times can potentially harm and spoil a fast computer absolutely.

2)    Orphan keys – Whenever software or hardware is installed inside a computer, lots of entries are made inside the registry. However, when certain applications are uninstalled from the computer, quite often orphan keys (entries that don’t belong to any application now) stay back unknowingly. This generally sources the registry to become irregular and hence flaws are formulated.

3)    Inappropriate system shutdown – The windows registry is saved in the system’s memory, while the computer is in use. So, when the system is properly shut down, system registry will safely save all the changes made in the registry. However, at times, when computer is not shut down completely, the system registry will not correctly save all changes and present the recent computer configuration.

4)    Holes in the registry – In many cases, if an entry is uninstalled or deleted then a vacant space is formed whenever that specific entry is taken out from the registry. And with continuous usage, numerous voids or vacant areas fill up the registry and fragment it. Generally, this fragmentation will result in the poor and unstable running of a registry and will slow down a computer.

5)    Malicious entries occurring due to malware – items such as viruses, adware, malware, Trojans and spyware can constantly generate entries into the registry, which can create lots of system flaws and damage the registry considerably. These regular malware attacks can completely damage your computer.

6)    Duplicate keys – Computer applications often go through phases where they are reinstalled or upgraded. When these kinds of activities occur, Windows include some new keys to the registry. In such a situation, old keys aren’t uninstalled and stay back in the registry indicating items that are no longer being used. As a result, this will cause the registry size to grow, and thus will consume more time on the part of Windows to search for the required keys.

Now after discussing all the above mentioned reasons users can easily figure out the reason behind the Windows registry errors. However, in case, if users are still not able to find the reason behind the slow operating performance of their fast computer, then they should immediately contact a professional to avoid major crashes or any other sort of problems. Remember to install SLOW-PCfighter to fix registry errors and maintain a healthy and fast computer

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