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Osama’s Mansion – See it On Google Earth scam

Crawling through our spam mails we came across something that definately is a scam.  This time they use Osama Bin Laden and his last living arrangement as bait. The now well-known mansion in Pakistan. First, the mail looks like this:

The links in the mail leads to a nice looking webpage. We wont reveal the domain here but it definately looks fishy.

Now, going for the download a sign up page appears

and, surprise, surprise, a payment page where you are asked for credit card.

Please do not click through the links in these mails pushing Google Earth. Right now they use Osama but next time it will be something else. Google Earth is definately a freebie and the guys behind this scheme have tried this several times. In the mail here they refer to themselves as “Earth Enhancer” but other incarnations like “Earth Team VP” are also used. So hold on to your wallets and go for the free version of Google Earth.

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