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Partner Case: StaffordshireIT Services and SPAMfighter


This is the second (first is here) of a regular series of articles to be written by guest authors. This time around the team at Staffordshire IT Services tell us about why they chose to partner with SPAMfighter as their primary spam filter and antivirus solution provider. While edited for house style, the work is entirely that of the author.

Staffordshire IT Services in the UK are a Midlands based IT Support firm that has been focused in IT Support, Installations and Web design for over 11 years. After becoming disillusioned with the failures of the spam services found on exchange and forefront, we began a search for a much better alternative, and we firmly believe we have chosen SPAMfighter as the perfect spam and virus protection firm with which to partner.

A Bad Experience With The Competition
Before we discovered SPAMfighter, we had initially chosen to work with a competitor, who appeared to offer professional and well-balanced services.

However, we really struggled with what seemed like arrogance from some of the sales staff, and the complex and timely process to even be considered to resell was a real chore to progress through, company credit searches, trade references, directors searches, all just to sell their stuff!

The final nail in the coffin for us was the competitor offered us no way of testing the software and its capabilities, without buying a full retail version; a crazy policy to force potential resellers of your software to undertake, surely. Combining this with several unreturned phone calls, and experiencing the very long drawn out process, we decided enough was enough and we began the search all over again, and we are glad we did, as that’s when we found the SPAMfighter boys.

Staffordshire IT and SPAMfighter was fate?
We only partner with companies that match our company ethos – to provide high quality services and outstanding and prompt support and whilst not blowing budgets. We expect to do this without arrogance from the potential partner; without fuss, hassle and expense; and we firmly believe we have found this with the SPAMfighter team, which compliments our services perfectly.

This truly modern company in their outlook and technologies made the partnership process easy – the team are always professional and courteous, and completely approachable. The support we get from the SPAMfighter guys is genuinely brilliant, and for this they are true market leaders.

SPAMfighter is simple to use, requires no technical knowledge to operate and maintain, yet its impressive and a fantastic all round product. It’s easy to install on various servers and all types of workstation, and it detects 98% of spam, and supports false negatives – this means normal emails always get through and do not get missed.

We have realised that the second time round, being very selective has paid off tremendously well!

We believe it is the best anti-spam filter on the market, and we are more than welcome to speak to any other potential resellers thinking of taking on SPAMfighter as their spam and virus protection solution.

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