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Russian spam with an artistic twist

Russian agitprop spam

Here at SPAMfighter we obviously see a lot of spam – Quite a lot actually. Having processed some 46.185.582.868 mails and consequently labeled some 39.799.492.106 mails as spam it is not that often we see any interesting spam. What is interesting spam you might say? Interesting spam for us is spam using new distribution methods or new spam content more successful than the average spam mail.

Most spammers are not that inventive and we rarely come across something that raises our eyebrows. The other day was an exception. A strange case of Russian agitprop landed in our spam filter and we think a short comment might be worthwhile.

Agitprop is derived from agitation and propaganda ( and were a Russian term for manipulating the masses politically about 1920 following the Russian revolution and  gitprop typically used posters (like the nice spam mail), poetry, films and plays. As such Agitprop played a central role in the communist regime, and typically idealized life during communism, war and the regime. If you are interested in Agitprop posters you might find then on eBay.

If you ever notice an interesting spam mail that you would like us to comment then feel free to comment below or mail Hey – we might even learn something as well.


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