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How do you determine when enough is enough?

In these days of shrinking or stagnated budgets, how do you determine when you’ve spent enough on computer security?

Firstly, we’d rephrase the question: what security coverage do you need?

You see it’s not just about up-front cost. We here at SPAMfighter like to think that our offerings are very competitively priced, so up-front cost is only part of the equation.

The real cost you need to consider is if you do not have enough coverage and you get a virus, or if you are inundated with spam in your inbox, and how much it will be to clear up the problem, especially if you don’t have your own in-house IT support.

The answer to your question can vary over time too. For instance, as you grow and become better known, you’re likely to have more automated attacks on your systems than in your first days of business. For personal users, as your email address gets more spread about, you are likely to start hitting more attacks and spam, so early thoughts of “it’s not an issue for me”, can soon change.

At the very least, each desktop, laptop and server on your network should have some kind of antivirus and anti-spam (if that system gets email). It doesn’t have to be a huge up-front investment – for instance you could use hosted solutions for your email, which will save you the price of hardware.

Further security measures should be implemented as when you expand what’s on your network, but you don’t need to spend until you have the need.

The cost of putting damage right usually far exceeds the total cost of purchase of preventative measures, that should be reason enough to find the right solution for your needs.

What are your thoughts?

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Justin is an experienced software professional, having worked in software and software security for nearly 20 years. Justin is VP of Security Products at SPAMfighter.
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