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Spam wallpaper – turning unsolicited mails into art on your walls!

spam wallpaper

Spam is generally considered as a plague. Have you ever found anyone who actually enjoyed spam? Find it in your inbox every day or go for an efficient spam filter like SPAMfighter.

However the very innovative people at Italian design company ToDo have created the wonderful spam wallpaper Spamghetto using spam messages of varying length. Totally amused by the creativity we contacted the company and did a small interview.  Giorgio Olivero, ToDo kindly replied to our request:

1) How do you pick certain spam mails for the spam wallpaper?

We wrote (in python) a little piece of software that would get into our gmail accounts’ spam folder and download few thousands spam mails and but the subject fields into a local database. Then we analyzed the database and removed every reference to our company and our private names and personal details.

So we didn’t really ‘pick’ it, we just filtered away the emails with ‘private’ details in the subject.

2) How did you get the idea of turning something annoying like spam into nice spam wallpaper?

We were invited to an exhibition titled ‘Design Crisis’ and thought that designing something rich out of ‘trash’ would have been a nice challenge.  You know, it’s the love for the dark side. 🙂 . Then I coded it with Nodebox (, a nice framework for generative graphics.

3) Who is the major creative force behind your company?

As design practice, we are really lucky to have such a broad and wide creative firepower. I feel it’s not really about a single major creative force but rather about a very fruitful collaboration/interplay between all of the designers in our team. As a side note the majority of the people working with us are excellent both with code and visual design.

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